Incredible Braided Bun Hair Ideas for 2017

If you have grown out hair then you need to sport trendy and polished look- buns, braids will definitely help you to achieve your favorite headdress while being practical and stylish. If you want to combine them, then go ahead with it since men’s buns and braids are super trending at the moment. In case if you don’t know how to start then have a look at these men’s braided bun hairstyles for 2017 and get inspired from. However this design will help you to keep your strands out of your face.Incredible Braided Bun Hair Ideas for 2017Braided Top

If you want to have a unique braided hairstyle then you should keep the top as long as possible. This particular design requires dividing the strands into two parts and Dutch braiding. The two braids join at the back of the head and create an eye-catching look. However the sides and the back have been trimmed short. It is one of the most unexpected hairstyles that you should give a try.braided topBox Braids

This design involves creating long box braids and matching them with undercut. Well when you create your box braids you need to twist them into a simple men bun. It will make the undercut even more visible. With this sophisticated hairstyle you will always be in the center of attention. However this headdress has been paired with a thin beard style.Box BraidsDouble Braids

It is not necessary to go for a full braid since two thin braids will also help you to spice up your look. Slicking back your strands into a bun keep them neat and clean but these double plaits also add a unique touch to this headdress. To replicate this style you will need to have appropriate hair length. Don’t forget to keep the sides and back short enough.Double BraidsPompadour with a Single Braid

It is not a secret that pompadour hairstyles come in various shades and shapes. This particular pompadour looks as incredible as others. It requires creating some height on the top of the head and plaiting a single braid on one side of the head. It is a signature style that speaks about the wearer’s preferences.Pompadour with a Single BraidColorful Braided Bun

If you want to add some drama to your headdress, you should think about some vibrant colors. This man sports a bold ombre design that requires transitioning from black to white shade. These colors will definitely help you to steal the spotlight. Well, Apart from the color, you should also Dutch braid the hair on the top to have a straightforward look.Cool Colorful Braided Bun



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