Incredible Comb Over Hairstyles for 2018

Comb over styles come from past and they don’t show any sign of leaving men’s hair fashion. Modern comb over hairstyles feature high fade, low fade, undercut or tapered sides. Comb over hair can be styled into classic look or with plenty of texture. Most of these comb over styles are just a matter of hair product, comb and side part. Check out these pictures of incredible comb over hairstyles for 2018 that we have compiled for you. comb over hairstylesComb Over Wavy Hairstyle

You have textured hair? Try this comb over hairstyle. Waves and curls add lots of movement and dimension to this comb over style. It is impossible not to love the volume of strands too. However, the cut also features short sides and back that keep everything under control. If you have unruly locks, you will need to use hair products such as hair pomade or wax, in order to calm everything down. Side Part Hairstyle 

Here is an on-trend hairstyle that came to prove that comb over looks are not only about sleek and neat styling. The design can be messy and disheveled just like this one. Below you can see a headdress that keeps the lines of comb over style but adds plenty of volume to the strands. It is possible to get this hairstyle with your blow-dryer and hair spray. The look works great for men with textured locks. side part hairstylePolished Comb Over Pompadour

Indeed, comb over hairstyles come in various shades and shapes. Here is another variation of a comb over hairdo, that’s worth trying. It is a polished comb over style that perfectly imitates men’s favorite pompadour. The following comb over hairstyle is created with a high fade. This pattern adds a modern twist to the hairstyle while making it visually more interesting. You may try this option too. comb overCurly Comb Over Hairstyle 

It is just a flattering way to tame your natural curls. This haircut works great for every face shape. Those who are looking for a stylish and hipster-inspired hair look, should try out this headdress. It will look good both with and without beard. However, just grown out facial hair compliments the style. Take example from this model, and try to recreate it with the help of your barber. curly hairLine Up High Fade Hairstyle

It is a popular hairstyle among Asian men, but everyone can adopt it. The cut features a line up and high fade. A line up creates a defined frame for this high volume comb over. Note that it is created with a generous amount of hair gels. The contrast between hair lengths is pretty visible. So, pull it off, if you want to stand out in the crowd. Line Up High Fade Hairstyle



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