Instagram Inspired Men’s Hairstyles for 2017

When you want to see the latest trends you just need to scroll down your instagram feed. The trendiest bloggers demonstrate new hairstyles that are being adopted by different people around the world. So today I have decided to select instagram inspired trendsetting hairstyles for men for 2017.  I am sure you will find your next makeover inspiration between these models.Instagram Inspired Mens Hairstyles for 2017Messy Blonde Locks

This is a style to make a fashion statement. Well, want to replicate it? Then get ready to bleach your strands. Apart from a rich blonde shade the sides and the back are tapered short while the hair on the top is pretty long. The flattering length allows you to style the strands the way you want. However this model has preferred to achieve a bit disheveled and unkempt look by styling his locks into messy pattern.Messy Blonde LocksLong Quiff

This model is rocking a headdress that is pretty elegant and classy; however you can pair it with all your outfits. This design requires tapering the sides and the back and simply brushing the medium-length strands back. This long quiff has a bit wavy touch and a single tendril slightly down the forehead makes the overall look even hotter. We can also see that dark strands are spiced up with highlights that break the monotone touch of the look.Long QuiffBedhead Look

Well, don’t brush your strands, don’t taper the sides or the back, and don’t give any form to your hair but still have a trendy and stylish look. You think how? Look at this model! He is the best example of my words, since he just messed up everything and achieved a stylish and eye-grabbing look. However, you don’t even need any special hair gel to replicate it, just run your fingers throughout your strands and everything is ready.Bedhead LookUndercut Side Quiff

We have talked about undercut hairstyles so much and the most popular instagram trendsetters and media influencers couldn’t miss their chance to experiment with it. Undercut allows you to have a unique headdress without shaving whole your strands. This particular design requires razor shaving one side and sweeping the hair to another side to display the undercut. This style is all about getting the cut in a right way, so try to find a good barber!Undercut Side QuiffKnot with Undercut

The top knot paired with an undercut is also in demand. You can keep your strands as long as you want while shaving the sides. This design is the best example and it requires shaving one side and pulling the rest of hair into a simple top knot. To break the feminine touch of the style, you may keep the focus on the facial hair.Knot with Undercut



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