Latest Ivy League Haircut for Men 2017

We have talked about Ivy League haircut many times but it is being evolved day by day. It can be worn in various styles, you can rock it as a hipster or athletic. You can go for a classic Ivy League style that has some modern touches. Feel free to combine it with a fade, shaved sides and spikes with a beard. Here I have selected some Ivy League haircuts for men 2017. I am sure you will find something inspiring among these gorgeous styles.Latest Ivy League Haircut for Men 2017Long Ivy League Cut

This is the most elegant and classic version of the cut. It can be spotted on celebrities and professionals pretty often. You can also be one of them and rock a headdress like this. To it you need to get a semi-short or medium taper on the side and the back. Keep the hair on the top two or three inches long. By the way after getting the cut in a right way you, you can easily style your strands like this model.   Long Ivy League CutIvy League with Comb Over

The side-sweep version is a bit more elegant but it gets a modern appearance due to the low fade. You can see that the styling is smooth enough and it is a work of a comb. You should know which tools are needed to provide the desired effect. Apply hair gels then shape it with the help of the comb. This hairdo can be paired with all your outfits. So if you like it, just go ahead with it!Ivy League with Comb OverModern Ivy League with Mid Fade

The sophisticated beard style adds a modern touch to this middle-high fade. There are also clean lines around the temples and along the forehead. The lines keep the style pretty improved. To achieve this particular design you will also need to use some qualified hair products. Work with your fingers and pull hair upwards so it has a texture and volume. With a headdress like this you will always be in the center of attention.Modern Ivy League with Mid FadeShort Wavy Cut

This Ivy League haircut is also gorgeous and it requires medium-sized hair on the top of the head. The fade around the head has been professionally done. If you have natural wavy texture, you don’t have to do much to achieve this particular design. Just use some mousse and your look is ready to impress your friends.Short Wavy CutSpiky Style

While saying Ivy League some people imagine very short hair that doesn’t allow them to go for particular styling. Have a look at this Ivy League, it has been styled into a stylish spikes. To achieve the balance between messy and perfect, you will need to comb everything forward with pomade and then mess it up with the help of fingers.  Spiky Style



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