Latest Pompadour Hairstyles for Men 2017

The strong vintage touch of pompadour hairstyles helps the wearer stand out of the crowd and make a fashion statement. The look can be achieved by creating extremely volume on top with super short sides. The contrast in lengths makes the headdress even more interesting. Pompadour is a great option for a young man who wants to look dapper. However to style a pompadour you will need to have long hair on the top and as I have already mentioned short tapered or shaved sides. Volume is the most important thing in pompadours- the higher the better.  If you want some ideas for styling your pompadour then check out these pictures of latest pompadour hairstyles for men 2017.Latest Pompadour Hairstyles for Men 2017Faded Pompadour Style

In case if you want to add a cool touch to your current haircut, go for a fade. As you see the hair gradually disappears at the ear line but again appears into a full beard. This stunning style will definitely look great on any male hair type. Feel free to use some hair products to keep the hair in the place. This style is for you guys who want to make a fashion statement.Faded Pompadour StyleLow Pompadour Style

If you don’t want to go for an extreme volume but you still love the idea of pomp, go for this cut. Hair is left longer in the front then gently brushed back over the shorter section. If you don’t want to draw away attention from the top then try to keep your facial hair to minimum. This look can be paired with all your outfits. It can be rocked both causally and classy.Low Pompadour StyleSimple Sleek Pompadour

It is a simple cut with plenty of style. This dynamic look is great for men and it will definitely spice up their look. The sides of this cut are shorter, while the top is long enough to be combed back. Apply some hair products to achieve a look like this. However if you have some accessories such as chunky earrings, feel free to combine it with this particular design.Simple Sleek PompadourFlat Top Pompadour Hair

This design is popular particularly among black men because they have the proper hair thickness to get this cool flat top. All ladies will definitely love this style since it is full of personality. It is one of the easiest ways to look handsome without spending hours in front of the mirror. However you will also need to find a good barber who will provide you an excellent cut like this. You may take the picture of your favorite pompadour and show it to your stylist.Flat Top Pompadour HairHipster Pompadour Style

This is a men’s pompadour style that is fully hipster. It is a great variation for men who like to wear trendy hairstyles. The charming curl hanging over the forehead reminds us of retro hairdos. But both the pompadour and thick bead style make a great combination.Hipster Pompadour Style



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