Latest Shaved Hairstyles for Men

All men think of shaving their head at least once in their life. Well, military styles have a certain appeal, but they have never been considered creative hairdos. If you are planning to shave your head but you don’t want to lose the design, there is an easy way out. There are numerous hairstyles out there which combine shaved heads and creative haircuts. Mohawk is the most popular among them that looks even better with shaved sides. If you want to see some of such designs, check out these examples of shaved hairstyles for men.  Latest Shaved Hairstyles for MenMohawk Pompadour

As I have already mentioned Mohawk is considered one of the most popular hairstyles that look perfect with shaved sides. To replicate this design you will need to shave the most part of your head while leaving a hair mop on the top. The styling depends on the length of the top. If you have long and straight hair, then don’t hesitate to wear a pompadour hairstyle.  Mohawk PompadourCowlicks Hairstyle

You think it is a thing of past? Well, it is the best moment to change your opinion about it. There are some variations of this hairstyle that just look incredible. This design is the best example of it and you can get it by creating a Mohawk-like hairstyle leaving the top long. Then style it into a cowlick variation like the one you see here.Cowlicks HairstyleCombed Over

Young guys this hairstyle is the best option for you since it will help you to show off your bold nature. This very short undercut is paired with a voluminous comb over on top. The result is truly irresistible and doesn’t require much care; just applying some hair gel will be more than enough. This hairstyle is all about the cut, if you have it, then you are going to rock.Combed OverWild Waves

If you have wavy hair, then hairstyles with shaved sides are the best choice for you. However, you will need some time arranging your waves look neat. Otherwise they will fall all over the shaved part and instead of creating a modern design it will look disastrous. It is a typical classic hairstyle that will work well with all your outfits.Wild WavesComb It To One Side

The best way to deal with a bold Mohawk is to chop it off and comb the hair to one side. You will get a pretty masculine and classy look that will be acceptable everywhere. Take your time to consider this hairstyle since it can be the best choice for you.Comb It To One Side



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