Long Hairstyles for Teenage Guys

Teenage is when you seriously think about your image including clothes and hairstyles. A hairstyle seems one of the most challenging parts of one’s look. Almost every teenager is curious about new haircuts and hairstyles. If you are a teenage guy and you truly love to play around with your hairstyle, you will definitely be impressed with these long hairstyles for teenage guys. They will boost your confidence and of course make you stand out in the crowd.Long Straight Bob

The hair looks like a stylish bob which makes us think that bob is not only for girls’ thing. To get the style, make your hair stick-straight, but don’t forget to apply heat protectants before you will use damaging tools. When it comes to the crop, your hair should be cut in uneven length. Some side bangs are beneficial for this style.Long Bangs Hairstyle

This cute hairstyle will definitely give you some charm and innocence while making you look extremely stylish. For this particular look, you should make sure that your hair is smooth. Apart from it, you need to have a cut that falls from short to long towards the sides. In fact bangs need to be long to frame your face.Long Top Hairstyle

As long a you have a right cut, this hairstyle is the easiest one to achieve. In order to get it, you have to keep the hair at the crown and the front long. If you want to accentuate your appearance, ask your hairstylist for long bangs too. However, make sure that the hair on the sides is not too long. To avoid failures, simply show your barber this picture and ask for the same style.Wavy Hairstyle 

Having long wavy hair is blessing. If you have natural waves, you don’t need to worry about styling, instead embrace your waves for a better style. For this particular hair look, keep your hair on the crown a bit longer than the rest. Obviously, the hair on the sides are shorter. That’s the key to this fabulous hair design. The advantage of short sides is that they provide with a bouncy look. Shaved Sides and Long Crown 

Last but not least- this shaved sides and long crown coiffure is one of the most popular hairstyles among teenage guys and adult men. Short sides and long top style is easy to style and maintain. Apart from it the headdress is in mainstream. Thus, for this look you have to shave off the hair at the sides while the hair at the crown needs to be long. Use styling gel to give your strands a beautiful shape. 




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