Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men 2017

Medium-length hair can be worn in numerous styles- messy, neat, up, down and etc. More length provides more styling ideas. It seems that only short cuts are low-maintenance but actually it is optional. A fantastic haircut with shorter sides and longer top may last longer than any other cut. Here you will see medium-length hairstyles for men 2017 that are simply eye-catching. Some of them are paired with fades or tapers but they don’t require regular touchups. Just go on reading to find your next haircut between these models.Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men 2017Comb Over with Taper Fade

No doubt, it is the trendiest haircut that one may try out. It features a deep parting and taper fade at the sides. Plenty of volume is achieved by sweeping the locks aside in a messy pattern. It goes without saying that medium-length of the locks also promotes for extra volume. Match the style with thick disconnected beard and you will definitely rock.Comb Over with Taper FadeLong on Top Short on Sides

Looking for a no-maintenance yet trendy style? Here it is! The short sides and long top is the most popular haircut in men’s hair fashion. Since 2017 is all about natural styles with plenty of movement and texture, you should adopt this style and personalize it to your own taste. It works for men of different ages.Long on Top Short on SidesQuiff Hairstyle

The longer the better! Quiff requires at least medium length strands for a better effect. The best example is shown below. As you can see medium-length hair takes the quiff to a whole new level. The height of the quiff is the first thing that grabs attention. However to achieve this look you will have to use your blow dryer and some hair products to keep it in place.Quiff HairstyleCombed-Back Hairstyle with Mid Fade

This hairstyle is the same brushed back look with volume. Long locks on top perfectly blend into a mid fade for a flawless finish. Mid fade brings out the charm of the style. It is a style look that can be worn both casually and formally. You can use some hair products for a straightforward style as well. Achieve it within five minutes and grab lots of hearts.Combed-Back Hairstyle with Mid FadeSide Swept Fringe

This lovely style works well with long hair on top. It can be styled in various ways – side swept or combed forward. The multiple styling options make this style even more wearable. Ask your barber to cut some layers for feather-like look. In order to get the same style, show this picture to your hairstylist.Side Swept Fringe



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