Men Celebrities’ Faux Hawks for 2017

The faux hawk is a popular choice for many men including celebrities. Faux hawks are not as bold as Mohawks and they can be achieved without having to shave any part of the hair. These hairstyles are worn both casually and formally and the best thing about them is that they are very easy to style. Today I have decided to put together some celebrities who have rocked a faux hawk hairstyle, since they can be the best inspiration for you. 2017 men’s faux hawks are going to have a very classy look.Men Celebrities Faux Hawks for 2017Taylor Lautner Faux Hawk

It is possible to see Taylor rocking this hairstyle pretty often. Everyone will admit that he looks super adorable with this hairstyle. Well, his has pretty thick hair that allows him to style it the way he wants. The sides are relatively shorter while the top is longer. So, to replicate this look, you will need to apply some hair products and work with your fingers to create a distinct look.Taylor Lautner Faux HawkZac Efron Faux Hawk

Zac is one of the most popular trendsetters that have sported various hairstyles throughout his carrier. Generally, he keeps his hair longer on the top and shorter on the sides. This cut makes it easy for him to create the faux hawk look whenever he wants. It is an effortless design that can be worn by everyone.Zac Efron Faux HawkOrlando Bloom Faux Hawk

Orlando Bloom looks great with his either long or short strands. In this style his curly locks are long; however there have been times when he decided to make a change. The faux hawk design was one that worked really well for him, even though he didn’t rock it for a long time. Thus, this hairstyle doesn’t require lots of styling and effort.  Orlando Bloom Faux HawkJensen Ackles Faux Hawk

Everyone recognizes the cute face of Jensen Ackles from his role on Supernatural. Whether you believe or not, but he styled his hair in a faux hawk for several years. In spite of the fact that now it remains more of an Ivy League cut; we will never forget his iconic faux hawk. It entailed neatly trimmed sides and long top.Jensen Ackles Faux HawkJosh Duhamel Faux Hawk

As you see Josh has a widow’s peak that maintains both sides of his hairline in a pushed back form. Faux hawk perfectly suits him, since it allows him to use the peak to his advantage. Rather than covering it up, he shows it off. However, a right chosen hairstyle can do magic.Jensen Ackles Faux Hawk



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