Men’s Faded Hairstyles for 2017

Time really flies and it seems it was yesterday that we were discussing the latest hairstyles for 2016 now we are heading to 2017. Well, fashion also runs and the men’s hair trends are evolving and changing. This post is all about men’s faded hairstyles for 2017. The different types of fades provide with a new haircut. It is one of the best ways to change your old-fashioned cut into something fresh and trendy. Regardless of the area of the strands that get faded you can keep the top short, medium or long. However the longer top will provide with a more contrasting look.  Men’s Faded Hairstyles for 2017Low Faded Haircut

This is one of the coolest hairstyles that any man can wear. The low fade perfectly melts into the upper side and the medium length top is beautifully slicked-back. If you have a haircut like this, then styling is not a big problem, since you just need to apply a generous amount of hair gels and with the help of a comb or your fingers shape your strands.Low Faded HaircutMiddle Fade

Here, I have included a middle fade that upgrades this simple haircut. The medium- length top has been smartly layered styled up. The sides and the back have the same length and create a beautiful contrast with spiked up strands. Some men prefer to combine it with just grown out beard or go for clean-shaved style. Follow your preferences and desires!Middle FadeCurly Hair and Skin Fade

Everything in this style has been well-thought. Disconnected beard, skin fade and curly top: these are the main elements of this style. If you are graced with curly texture, you should definitely use your chance to rock a modern headdress like this one. Your skilful barber should give a skin fade and keep the top long enough for achieving this design. For growing a beard like this you don’t need to wait long, but consider finding a good barber to keep it neat and well-groomed. However, show this picture to your barber.Curly Hair and Skin FadeLong Hair Fade

This design involves a flawless skin fade with longer hair on top that allows you to style it in numerous ways. It is a super versatile haircut that has been created according all those modern standards. As you see the cut compliments the wearer’s face features and brings out only the best. Well, if you are planning to replicate it then let your strands grow out and ask your stylist to provide you with a fade so that you will also rock this modern hairstyle.Long Hair Fade



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