Men’s Hairstyles with Designs

Ready to let your barber go creative with your hairstyle? If yes, have a look at these amazing men’s hairstyles with designs. Before you will call your hairstylist get new ideas. The hair designs can use a fade haircut as a canvas or it can be paired with tapered cut. Even a small design may completely change up your look. Any pattern can be done according to your haircut. Have a look at the pictures below and choose something for your next haircut makeover.mens hairstyles with designSide Part Hairstyle

This fade is combined with a V-cut neckline. It is a trendy haircut for every man out there. The off-center hairline balances hairstyle on the top. In order to get it right, show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same style. It is the greatest way to make a fashion statement. Visit your barber often to keep this crop in shape otherwise it will not look so impressive.Side Part HairstyleNeckline Taper and Shaved Line

Here is another cool haircut that features a sideburn fade and asymmetrical neckline that combines a fade and shaved line. It is a bold haircut and a shaved line draws attention to the style. With a headdress like this you are bound to make a fashion statement. It is a beneficial hairstyle for men with natural curly texture. Get the cut and skip styling.Neckline Taper and Shaved LineSideburn and Hairline

It is a modern take on the blow out. It entails diagonal lines shaved into the temple and hairline with a stylish pompadour hairstyle on the top. It is an outstanding hairdo for stylish men. I am sure not everyone will be spotted with a hairstyle like this. If you want to stand out in the crowd, adopt this hairstyle for yourself even right now.Sideburn and HairlineNeckline Hair Design

If you don’t know how to accentuate your hairstyle, throw in several designs and your new haircut is ready. The following patterns are achieved on the nape of the neck. If you have natural curls, simply embrace them instead of hiding. If you want to enhance your current hairstyle consider getting these patterns. Regular touchups will keep your crop in shape.Neckline Hair DesignReverse Fade

The first thing that grabs attention about this headdress is the unique pastel shade. Not everyone would be ready to go for a bold hair color like this, but those who do, will definitely stand out in the crowd. Apart from the color, there is also a revers fade that builds hair up. V transition adds lots of dimension to the style.Reverse Fade



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