Men’s Hairstyles with Natural Texture

Men’s texturized hairstyles are one of the top trends and will continue to be hit in 2017 too. The cuts that add wave and volume to hair are embracing natural texture. Guys, it is the best moment for you to free your natural weaves. Those who are graced with cool texture sometimes don’t know how to use it, so here I have selected some handsome models that know how to rock their natural texture. No need to go far, just check out the following pictures and find your next hair makeover inspiration among them.Men’s Hairstyles with Natural TextureSweep Back with Waves

Well, no one says that a slicked back hairstyle is a thing of past but instead of gelled look you can opt for a more natural hairstyle with a matte finish. To have a headdress like this you just need to use the lowest hold product, since we are not looking for an extra shine or super sleekness. This hairstyle is great for both casual and special days.Sweep Back with WavesDeep Side Part with Curls

This is a perfect classic hairstyle that has been upgraded with modern twists. The sides and the back have been cut short, while the top has enough length to style it into beautiful waves. However the strands get some hold from low shine pomade. Though the high fade down to the skin is also fantastic and it provides with a clean finish. To make the look even more sophisticated you can add some other elements such as a deep side part.  Deep Side Part with CurlsMedium Length Hair

One of the best ways to show off you natural texture is to let your hair grow into medium size. This medium-length hair has been layered to add some movement and dimension to the strands. A simple taper at the back of the head creates some contrast between hair lengths and provides the wearer with a trendy look.Medium Length HairTextured Slick Back Hair

To replicate this model’s headdress you should at least have a medium-length hair. Instead of going for regular combs, use your fingers to create a beautiful slicked back hairstyle. However the hair product that you are going to use also will provide you with a piecey finish. Keep in your mind that you shouldn’t overdo it.Textured Slick Back HairShort Hairstyle

Men’s short hairstyles are always in trend and they will always provide men with a classic and masculine look.  This model has a sexy hairstyle that is super easy to create. The key to achieve is to use a blow dryer. And with the help of fingers comb the strands back. Finish the style with a dab of matte product.Short Hairstyle



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