Men’s Mid Fade Haircuts for 2017

You have already know that the most popular and trendy hairstyles for men involve fades. W have talked enough about low fade and high fade haircuts but if you think that these cuts are not for you here we have selected some mid fade haircuts for 2017. Landing somewhere in below the temples and above the neck, the mid fade introduces some dramatic effect to the style. The medium skin fade ends up accentuating the strands on the top. Well, to get general idea about mid fade haircuts, just read on and everything will become more than clear.Mens Mid Fade Haircuts for 2017Side Parted Haircut with Mid Fade

The mid fade is a modern element for a classic side part hairstyle. The key to achieve this headdress is to keep hair form sticking up and leaving enough length before the taper. The longer top and the mid faded sides will bring out the shape of the cut plus you can style your hair in a plenty of ways and a simple side part is just one of them.Side Parted Haircut with Mid FadeTextured Strands with Mid Fade

You can use any method to make your strands even more stylish. Have you ever thought about coloring your strands? It will be a good addition for your haircut. Here the contrasting platinum blonde and dark locks create an extra depth. The mid fade of this cut features arc before dipping low around the back. The overall view is just amazing!Textured Strands with Mid FadePomp Fade with Hard Part

The pomp is an elegant cut that gets a modern twist with a fade. In this particular style this bald fade tapers from hair to skin that creates a gorgeous blend. The shaved hard part is another update to a vintage style. In order to re-create this look make sure that you have a good barber, since it requires some skills.Pomp Fade with Hard PartFlat-Top with Mid Fade

The mid fade is possible to combine with every hairstyle and this Afro flat-top is not an exception too. The rounded high top looks just incredible with the fade emphasizing the bold lines of this fresh style. Actually most of Afro-American men can re-create this style since their natural kinky texture allows them to wear such extravagant hairstyles.Flat Top with Mid FadeMid Skin Fade

Well, this particular style is for those who are in love with bold haircuts. With a quick taper this mid bald fade shows off more than skin. Note how this fade is curved following the natural hairline. When it comes to styling you will need to comb your hair back and apply some hair product for a better effect.   Mid Skin Fade



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