Men’s New Haircuts for Receding Hairline

Well, experimenting a receding hairline is not a cool thing because no one wants to lose his hair. But you don’t have to feel frustrated because there are various hairstyles for receding hairline. You just need to do a right choice to cover it. The most popular receding hairline hairstyles involve faux hawks, Mohawks, hairstyles with short sides and long tops, long thick beards etc. Here I have some great examples. If you are ready, let’s have a look!Men’s New Haircuts for Receding HairlineFaded Faux Hawk

This is one of the best receding hairline haircuts that provide with a youthful and modern look. No one will guess that you have some troubles with receding hairline. This fun and funky faux hawk is popular among trendsetters who like to have a good time. Apart from the creative cut, the strands also have two shades that make it even bolder. Apply some hair gels to make your hairstyle sleek and shiny.Faded Faux HawkHipster Look

If you are facing with receding hairline it doesn’t mean you can’t rock the chicest hipster haircuts. The most important thing is to find a right style that will bring out only the best of your features. This particular hairstyle is super simple yet flattering. By tapering the sides and concentrating on facial hair and a thicker slicked-back top portion, your strands will appear fuller.Hipster LookHairstyle for Receding Hairline

Well, sometimes a receding hairline makes men feel less confident. So, in this case they should think of a hairdo that will boost their confidence. The style represented below may be a great way to do that. The full on top look is perfect for guys who are good at concealing hair imperfections. You can get this sleek top with the help of hair products.Hairstyle for Receding HairlineShaved Sides Long Top Hairstyle

If you are looking for a headdress that is super easy to maintain, shave the sides completely off leaving some portion of the strands on the top of the head. This headdress will not let anyone to know that you are losing your hair. If you have those feelings of being uncovered, grow some facial hair to complete your style.Shaved Sides Long Top HairstyleShort Hairstyle with Full Beard

If you are fond of wearing super thick and long beard style then this option will definitely please you. This look is simple with thick beard style and clean cut top full off little grey strands. As you see this beard draws attention away from thin hair, so it can be a perfect way to cover your receding hairline.Short Hairstyle with Full Beard



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