Men’s New Haircuts with Nape Designs for 2018

Recently we have noticed men’s haircuts with incredible nape designs. Some men are simply in love with nape tattoos but they are not ready to go for it, now there is a solution to this problem. All you need to do is to get your favorite nape design in a subtle and effective way. These shapes create a geometry with angles. Surely, nape is a great canvas for various patterns. However, before getting your favorite design, you need to do your own research and find something that speaks about your nature and inner world. Here are men’s new haircuts with nape designs for 2018. Double V Design 

The advantage of getting a nape design is that even if you don’t like it, after several weeks your hair will be longer so you can change the design or get rid of it but we can’t say the same thing about tattoos. However, here is a mannish nape design that is worth trying. This off-center V design is balanced by a wedge-shaped fade. The haircut is simply incredible and works for everyone. Jagged Neckline 

This cool curly crop looks better with jagged neckline. The crop features a curly top and a mid fade that gets a great finish with a bold neck design. Men with curly texture, should definitely try this haircut. In order to get the exact copy of the crop, you should take this picture with you to show it to your barber. Don’t forget to go for regular touch-ups to keep the design in shape. Reverse Fade Neckline

You can’t go wrong with a masculine haircut like this. We highly recommend you to go for a reverse fade neckline instead of tapering down the skin. The trend is highly popular among men trendsetters so now it is your turn to dictate the fashion rules. Get the crop and be in the center of women’s attention.  V-Shaped Neck 

Indeed, designs for neck are quite versatile. You have a wide list of patterns to choose from. This one is also creative and catchy. It is a V-shaped design that can be worn both down low at the nape of neck or up higher. The choice is up to you, but don’t forget that V-shaped design works best with mid fade haircut. Neckline Wave 

If you want to experiment with neck patterns but you are not into bold styles then this simple wave is just for you. A single wave has a power to take your haircut a notch higher in a subtle and exquisite way. Just try this look to inject some interest into your current haircut. 



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