Men’s Popular Hairstyles To Try Now

If you are looking for a new hairstyle then you should check out our post about men’s popular hairstyles that you can pull off right now. Today’s styles for males feature dramatic contrasts of length and textures. Well, quiffs, fades, undercuts, pompadours, slicked back styles, side parts, faux hawks, spikes and some other styles are a hot thing right now. All stylish men love to experiment with these styles.  Men’s Popular Hairstyles To Try NowEdgy Spiky Faux Hawk

It is one of those men’s haircuts that perfectly mix several styles. It is all about a right haircut. If you want to achieve a hairstyle like this you will need to ask your barber to fade-shave the bottom of the strands then chop it into several layers. Since the top layer is long enough, it allows you to sweep the strands to one side to create a spiky-like design. Apply some holding spray to keep the wet looking effect.Edgy Spiky Faux HawkLayered Tapered Haircut

Tapered haircut is included into the list of the trendiest cuts. It is probably the most frequently encountered men’s style. This style works well both for wavy and straight strands. Here you can see a cool hairdo for men with wavy hair. Anyway you can get that wavy touch with the help of hair products. Consider pairing it with neatly trimmed beard and moustache.Layered Tapered HaircutShort Sides Long Top

The latest hairstyles for men involve short sides and long top- like the one you can see below. The top section is obviously longer than the sides which have been professionally buzzed toward the bottom. However to achieve this slicked back top you will need to use hair gel or wax. I am sure you will proudly rock your sleeked back hairstyle.Short Sides Long TopWavy Pompadour with Highlights

Perhaps the pompadours are the most popular hairstyles that will never ever leave the hair trend. This model is rocking a modern pompadour headdress that has been paired with skillfully placed hair highlights. Highlights enhance the overall look of this hairstyle and give an extra pop to the strands. If you are ready to switch up your hair color then this is a fantastic option for you.Wavy Pompadour with HighlightsCurly Hairstyle for Men

This curly hairstyle leaves an impression like the man just woke up. It is so easy to style this hairdo, if you have a natural curly texture you don’t need to do anything special to re-create it. Anyway you will also need a good conditioner to avoid frizz and mousse to define curls. Work the product into the hair away from the roots and towards the tips.Curly Hairstyle for Men



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