Men’s Short Hairstyles for 2017

Most of men prefer to keep their strands short and clean and it is because short haircuts are a lot easier to maintain. Some short haircuts don’t even require styling. Men think that short hairstyles are not versatile but you shouldn’t limit yourself with the same haircuts. It goes without saying that short cut are not as numerous as long ones but there are still enough options to choose from. Short hairstyles look great with longer hair on top and short sides and back that are clean cut. Keep scrolling to see the best men’s short hairstyles for 2017.Men’s Short Hairstyles for 2017Short and Messy Hairstyle with Skin Fade

This hairstyle features messy top and faded sides. Apart from the cut, the color of tresses also grabs attention. It requires adding some grey highlights to brown hair. Grey and brown shades work really well together and they give an extra pop to the eyes. This hairstyle works well with just grown out stubble beard. Note that the strands are styled in a messy pattern.Short and Messy Hairstyle with Skin FadeShort Wavy Hairstyle

Here is another short hairstyle that is no less trendy than the previous one. This particular hairstyle requires keeping the sides short and brushing the strands back to create an elegant brushed back hairstyle. Those who are blessed with natural waves can create this style within minutes, by using a blow dryer.Short Wavy HairstyleShort Pompadour Hairstyle

There are pompadour hairstyles for short hair too. Like other modern hairstyle this one also entails faded sides. Nowadays men are ready to switch up their hair color as well, so here is the best example. This model paired his brown strands with blonde shade to create a chic pompadour hairstyle. Brown-blonde is the most popular color combination among men.Short Pompadour HairstyleShort Textured Sides

The first thing that we love about this hairstyle is the texture. The hair on the sides is a little bit shorter than the hair on the top. Silver-blonde shade adds a modern touch to the style and brings out the beauty of his eyes. You don’t have to put extra efforts to style your strands since they look absolutely gorgeous in messy pattern.Short Textured SidesCaesar Cut with Short Sides

It is a modern take on a Caesar haircut. There was a period of time when Caesar haircut wasn’t trendy anymore but it has already made its great comeback, so you can pull it off with shorter sides and stand out of in crowd. Just make sure that your facial features work really for this cut since it may bring out your flaws as well.Caesar Cut with Short Sides



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