Men’s Temple Fade Haircuts for 2018

Today we came up with new hairstyle ideas for men. The following pictures of men’s temple fade haircuts for 2018 guarantee incredible look. This cool element can be added to any hairstyle you want. The temple fade is a way to grab attention and add some interest to your hair design. The best thing is that everyone can experiment with temple fade. It works great on any texture and face shape. If you don’t have an idea on how you can experiment with this detail, check out these inspiring pictures.temple fade haircutsShaved Sides with Curls

This stile is widely popular among black men. Indeed, the cut is a great fit for their natural texture. It features a sharp line up that takes the entire look a notch higher. The shaved sides draw attention to the natural curls on the top. Adopt the cut and personalize it to your own taste. It is a style that will never allow you to go wrong. Shaved Sides with CurlsShort Temp and Nape Cut

Actually, it is a modern take on a one length buzz crop. If you are tired of your regular buzz crop but you still want to keep things short and neat, this is the best style to go ahead. Shaved hairline and sideburn area grabs attention and makes the usual buzz trendier. Indeed, it is a low maintenance style that doesn’t require any styling. Just consider regular touchups to keep it in shape.Short Temp and Nape CutSculptured Mohawk Hairstyle

Here we have something for hipster men who never think twice before going for a bold style. The following hairstyle features undercut, diagonal outline and loops that produce an unusual Mohawk-like look. The patterns work quite well together. To create the loops, you will need to use the curling iron. As soon as you get the look, finish it with strong hold hair spray.Sculptured Mohawk HairstyleMedium Fade Haircut

When you have a plan to get a new crop, consider showing the picture to your hairstylist. He /she will have an idea what exactly you are looking for. This hairstyle holds 90’s vibes and it requires brushing the strands back to create fullness. Apart from the crop, blonde hair color also enhances the entire look. Just switch up your hair color to make the look complete.Medium Fade HaircutCurls with Edgy Fade

There are so many hairstyles that require lots of maintenance every couple of weeks but we can’t say the same thing. The faded sides make the curls exquisite. It is an amazing idea for men who are blessed with lots of curls.Curls with Edgy Fade



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