Military Haircuts for Men in 2018

Cutting hair short is must, when it comes to military guys. The advantage of rocking short hairstyles is that they are absolutely low-maintenance for the active lifestyle and strong environment that military life entails. Short, doesn’t mean  boring an out dated. The following haircuts for men in 2018 will give you a modern look while boosting your confidence. Buzz and Ivy League haircuts are definitely included into the list of best military hairstyles. Simple details, such as a side part or high/low fade will immediately enhance your buzz or Ivy League.military haircuts for 2018Buzz and Fade Haircut 

A fade is must when you want to make your buzz haircut more polished and neat. This modern detail adds a touch of sophistication to a simple crop such as buzz. If you want to go for a style that is absolutely no-maintenance, then this modern hairdo is just for you. It is the most popular hairstyle among military guys. You will definitely love the idea of wearing a short crop like this.   buzz and fade haircutLong on Top High and Tight 

Another trendy and short hairstyle that you may rock is this amazing crop. High and tight haircuts may go from ultra short to almost medium length. The style features a spiky quiff  at the front keeps this clean cut. The contrast between the hair lengths is quite visible. Apart from it, this amazing blonde hair color also grabs too much attention. Use hair products for fixing your hair in place. high and tight cutWavy High and Tight 

Modern military haircuts are all about longer on top and short sides and back. It is the best choice for men with wavy and curly hair. It is an easy hairdo that doesn’t require much styling. The most important thing is to achieve a right haircut. Everyone will admit that this headdress is the best for curly-haired men. Don’t think twice before rocking a trendy haircut like this. Curly High and Tight Hairstyle 

Here is a style for Afro texture as well. If you are a black man with tight curls, then you should definitely rock this hairdo. A high and tight fade looks good with short and longer kinky hair. However, you will need to keep your haircut in shape otherwise the curls will not look so impressive. Ivy League Haircut 

Ivy League is the most known military haircut that is evolving day by day. Actually, Ivy League is a short crop with a simple side part. However, this is the longer spectrum of military haircuts. The best thing is that Ivy League is absolutely no-maintenance. military haircut



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