Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Men

Today we can see men wearing various creative Mohawk hairstyles pretty often. Mohawks come from decades ago when the warriors and the soldiers used them to mimic bird feathers, nowadays Mohawks are for all men around the world. These headdresses are for those who are looking for a tougher and fiercer look. However modern Mohawks are more faux hawks since they still have some hair on the sides. Wearing a Mohawk you will definitely make a fashion statement. It is a favorite style of rock stars, sporty men and macho men. Below you can see some inspiring Mohawk hairstyles for black Men.Mohawk Hairstyles For Black MenSmooth Hawk

This faded Mohawk is a classic and timeless style that can be adopted by Afro-American men. The faded sides are connected to the beard by a wider sideburn. Everything about this headdress is neat and clean. You just need to go for regular touchups to keep the design in shape. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to pass time on styling.Smooth HawkHigh Molded Hawk

What about this Mohawk? It is great for men who want to make a bold statement. This Mohawk has a very high flat top. The faded sides and the extreme height of the hawk are just incredible. This look works best for black men because they have kinky and curly hair type. Their natural texture allows them to wear a bold hairstyle like this.High Molded HawkWild Feathers Hawk

This black Mohawk has the longest quiff ever. A bleached portion of the strands draws attention and makes the look even pointier. To keep the design modern you will want to mess the things up. Messy top and the shaven sides make a great combination and take the look to a top notch. The well-groomed beard is fantastic for balance.Wild Feathers HawkShort Mohawk with Fade

Shorter hawks have as much fun as longer ones but compared with longer Mohawks short ones are actually easier to manage. This particular Mohawk creates a smoother look with faded sides. The beard style adds an individual touch to the design. As soon as you get this cut, you will not have to use any hair product or tool to get a stylish and straightforward headdress.Short Mohawk with FadeHawk with Long Curls and Fresh Sides

This hawk is great for men who want to bring out their wild side and nature. The width of the Mohawk is in the perfect balance with its length and the amazing texture adds a fierce touch to the style. If you want to replicate this style then you will need to shave the part of your head and then style the hair up.Hawk with Long Curls and Fresh Sides



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