Newest Short Hairstyles for Men

It is not common for guys any more to stick with the same hairstyle for a quite long time. Why not? Try a fresh crop every month and change up your overall look with the help of a stylish cut. Here you can see some amazing short hairstyles for men who love to stand out with their unique style. Regardless of whether you have thick, thin, straight or curly, most of these hairstyles will work for you. We recommend finding a professional barber to achieve one of these amazing styles. If you are ready, let’s start!Newest Short Hairstyles for MenSide Fade Haircut

When it comes to short hairstyles, most of them are no-maintenance and effortless. Here is one of the best examples. It features a side fade and perfectly groomed line-up. These straight lines make this crop trendy and stylish. As it is a quite short cut you don’t have to style it at all. It is a fantastic option for guys who are not interested in everyday hair styling.Side Fade HaircutFaded Crew Cut and Disconnected Beard

Ivy League or crew is another popular haircut among men. It features buzzed short sides and a slightly longer hair at the top. It is a timeless haircut that can be seen on popular celebrities too. If you want to try something different than a traditional crew cut, pair it with a disconnected and well-groomed beard style. It is a stylish and modern crop that is worth trying.Faded Crew Cut and Disconnected BeardUltra-Short Haircut with Pattern

What about this ultra-short crop? It has been enhanced with a creative hair design at the side of the head. The pattern has a shape of zigzag but you can choose your favorite pattern. Modern hairstyles are all about short sides and a little bit longer top and this cut is not an exception as well. To keep your cut fresh and stylish, go for regular trimmings.Ultra-Short Haircut with PatternShort Textured Haircut

If you are blessed with a good natural texture, this crop is for you. A little bit length at the top of the head brings out this model’s natural texture. Difference between short sides and long top is pretty much visible. Go for regular trims to keep your haircut in shape. Both the volume and the height of the cut is more than enough to achieve a mind-blowing look.Short Textured HaircutShort Haircut with Deep Side Part

This style is for guys who are ready to make a bold statement. It is edgy, funky and fun. One side of the head is quite long while the other side is buzzed. The thing that makes the design stand out is the deep side part. It takes the overall style a notch higher. In case if you don’t have natural curls, use hair mousse or other gels to achieve lovely ringlets or curls.Short Haircut with Deep Side PartQuiff Hairstyle with Hard Part

Quiffs are highly in demand. Quiff hairstyles are still popular among men. The best thing about Quiffs is that they can be styled in numerous ways. The following Quiff hairstyle is quite polish and stylish. You should use a generous amount of hair gels to achieve this look. Apart from it, a deep side part also adds some class to the look.Quiff Hairstyle with Hard Part



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