Latest Pompadour Hairstyles for Men 2017

The strong vintage touch of pompadour hairstyles helps the wearer stand out of the crowd and make a fashion statement. The look can be achieved by creating extremely volume on top with super short sides. The contrast in lengths makes the headdress even more interesting. Pompadour is a great option for a young man who wants to look dapper. However to style a pompadour you will need to have long hair on the top and as I have already mentioned short tapered or shaved sides. Volume is the most important thing in pompadours- the higher the better.  If you want some ideas for styling your pompadour then check out these pictures of latest pompadour hairstyles for men 2017.Latest Pompadour Hairstyles for Men 2017Faded Pompadour Style

In case if you want to add a cool touch to your current haircut, go for a fade. As you see the hair gradually disappears at the ear line but again appears into a full beard. This stunning style will definitely look great on any male hair type. Feel free to use some hair products to keep the hair in the place. This style is for you guys who want to make a fashion statement.

Mohawk Hairstyles For Black Men

Today we can see men wearing various creative Mohawk hairstyles pretty often. Mohawks come from decades ago when the warriors and the soldiers used them to mimic bird feathers, nowadays Mohawks are for all men around the world. These headdresses are for those who are looking for a tougher and fiercer look. However modern Mohawks are more faux hawks since they still have some hair on the sides. Wearing a Mohawk you will definitely make a fashion statement. It is a favorite style of rock stars, sporty men and macho men. Below you can see some inspiring Mohawk hairstyles for black Men.Mohawk Hairstyles For Black MenSmooth Hawk

This faded Mohawk is a classic and timeless style that can be adopted by Afro-American men. The faded sides are connected to the beard by a wider sideburn. Everything about this headdress is neat and clean. You just need to go for regular touchups to keep the design in shape. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to pass time on styling.

Variations of Buzz Cuts for Men 2017

Buzz cut has been used by military men, men who are experiencing bolding and men who want easy and low-maintenance style. Buzz cut is super effortless and affordable. Not every man can grow the hair out and wear chic medium-length hair. However the buzz is absolutely trendy and has so many variations. The buzz is an excellent canvas to show off your creativity. Below you can see some adorable variations of buzz cuts for 2017 that look great almost for all hair types. Buzz is an excellent haircut that will meet your expectations when you want to look good without lots of maintenance.Variations of Buzz Cuts for Men 2017Buzz with Design

It is more than clear that buzz is a short haircut done with clippers but as I have already mentioned modern buzz cuts have many variations like the one you see below. This extra short buzz with some creative patterns speaks about the wearer’s strong character features. The best thing about this buzz is that it is totally unique. There are many other designs to choose from too.

Funky Undercut Haircuts for Men 2017

Every pattern used on men’s hair plays an important role since it may radically change the look. The classic hairstyles that men used to wear several years ago nowadays have been evolved. These hairstyles light up men’s look and give them an extra pop. The best thing about modern hairdos’ is that they perfectly speak about the wearer’s individuality and character features. Today we decided to offer you some funky undercut hairstyles for men 2017. Undercuts work well with any hair type and color. If you have problems with receding hairline, undercut can become the best solution.Funky Undercut Haircuts for Men 2017Double Layer Undercut

This undercut is the result of the barber creativity and professional job. It requires a short trimmed part under the main and longer hair and another shaved part under the trimmed one. As soon as your barber figures it out, he can easily re-create it. The double layer effect and the perfect full beard are just incredible. It is a bit edgy yet modern headdress that can be achieved by all men out there.  

Hairstyle Ideas for Men with Thin Hair

It is not a secret that men’s hair gets thinner with age and there are men whose hair is naturally fine or thin. Well, it is not a big deal since there are various hairstyles that will help you make your hair appear thicker. So what to choose if you have a thin hair type? Consider texturizing, comb over, undercuts, messy styles and slicked back styles. This is just a little part of what you can try.  Below I have selected some men’s hairstyles that are fantastic for you if you have thin hair.Hairstyle Ideas for Men with Thin HairHairstyle for Thin Hair

Let’s start from this simple yet sophisticated headdress that will make your hair appear thicker. So you have to ask your stylist to shave the sides and back and leave the hair on the top a bit longer. Another way to deal with thin hair is to grow out your facial hair. It will draw attention away from your thin hair.

Modern Hipster Haircuts for Men for 2017

Hipster haircuts involve various retro details that make the headdress super trendy and stylish. Well, when it comes to hipster styles, haircut plays an important role since it speaks about the wearer’s preferences. Most of hipster hairstyles involve classic undercuts, sleeked back hairstyles, pompadours, fades, side parts, full beards handlebar moustache and etc. If you want to become a hipster guy, then check out these modern hipster haircuts for men for 2017.  These pictures will definitely inspire you and give you an idea from where to start.Modern Hipster Haircuts for Men for 2017Big Wave

I am sure you will not see many man walking down the street with a headdress like this. Well, it is a gorgeous artistic work that requires some creativity and skills. If you need to update your look then consider this hipster hairstyle. Start growing the hair on the top for creating a super voluminous pompadour. By the way you can still keep the sides neat and short with a simple fade or undercut.

Latest Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

Faux hawk hairstyles are among the latest trends that are worth to give a try. Faux hawk hairdos have been around for decades and they will never leave men’s hair trend. Men really like to embrace this hairstyle and they rock it in various ways. Faux hawks are versatile so you will definitely have something to choose from. One thing is certain both bold and subtle faux hawks are incredible. Check out the pictures below! Latest Faux Hawk Hairstyles for MenBuzz Cut Faux Hawk

This particular headdress reminds us of a buzz cut that is often seen in military professionals. However the top is long enough to achieve a Mohawk shape. Now short-haired men know that they also can wear Mohawks. There is a stereotype like Mohawks should be crazy and extreme but it is not really necessary. The perfectly curved lines give a neat and polish look to the style.

Top 5 Quiff Hairstyles for Men 2017

Women’s hair gets a lot of attentions, so men’s hair does! It is incredible to see how stylish men’s haircuts steal the spotlight. The quiff haircut is one that combines the elements of pompadour and even Mohawk. The quiff hairstyles may look either super neat and polished or messy bedhead that is too stylish. If you are looking to switch up your haircut and try something a bit funky then have look at these top 5 quiff hairstyles for men 2017.Top 5 Quiff Hairstyles for Men 2017High Pompadour Quiff

There is something charming about this headdress. The retro touch, sexiness of this pompadour is just incredible. This chic pompadour has been combined with the classic quiff and the result is just amazing. In this particular design the high pompadour is given a lift and it is carefully combed back. To keep your quiff in the place you will need to use some hair products.

Stylish Fade Hairstyles for Black Men for 2017

Creating a fade cut is a skillful and tough job that provides with a truly impressive design. No other cut will give you that fresh feel like the fades do. When it comes to black men, we all know that they are blessed with incredible kinky texture and it is pretty easy for them to create headdresses with different fades. 2017 black men’s fade hairstyles are different and creative. Most of them wear high fade but low fade and regular fade are also popular among Afro-American men. You may start with regular fade which is something between high and low fades. By the way tightly coiled natural hair looks gorgeous in high fade. Have a look at these pictures and make your decision!Stylish Fade Hairstyles for Black Men for 2017Clean Cut with Low Fade

Low faded hairstyles are great option for any Afro-American men particularly when the strands are cut close to give a super clean look on the sides. The low fade starts to taper somewhere near the eyebrow and not higher up on the head. What about the carved line?  It gives an extra pop to the style. With a skillful barber you will easily recreate this style.

Trendsetting Long Hairstyles for Men

Men’s long hairstyles look hot and sexy when cared. There are so many long hairdos that can be pretty flattering for your long strands and some of them will not take more than a few minutes to style. Low or non maintenance hairstyles are top requirement dos for men. Long hairstyles look great when layered. In case if you decide to wear punk headdress, you should know that they are perfect on straight hair. Modern men prefer to switch up the hair color or add some smart highlights too. However you can always opt for hair products for better effect. Below I have selected some trendsetting long hairstyles for men that are pretty inspiring.Trendsetting Long Hairstyles for MenTwisted Bun

Perhaps the twisted bun is the most practical hairstyles for men with long mane. What can be easier and quicker than a simple headdress like a bun? The way to get is to create two loosely twisted sections that are joined into a low ponytail then turned in a quick sloppy knot. For a more relaxed look, let the tips of your strands stick out. However you don’t need to use hair products to achieve this look.