Men’s Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2017

Here I have selected the freshest 2017 men’s hairstyles from runway shows. If you are seeking for a change then these hairdos will be pretty inspiring for you. These particular hair trends are going to be major in coming seasons too, since they are offered by the most popular hairstylists, so by wearing them you will be a step forward from the others. However I would like to mention that it is never soon to start planning your next fashionable hairstyle.Mens Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2017Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s domination over men’s trend is continuing in coming 2017 too. Well, as we have been following the latest fashion show of Calvin Klein we have noticed that no-fuss no-muss look will be the hit of next year. Calvin Klein offers short, classic cuts with fringes. So, next time ask your stylist to give you a razor cut fringe to introduce some drama to the look. Men with this hairstyle will never go wrong.

Perfect 40s men Hairstyles for 2017

If you like to follow fashion, nothing should stop you, even your age and today I put together some perfect 40s men hairstyles for 2017 to inspire you. It is time to rock the best hairstyles and look much younger than your real age. If you have a receding hairline or widow peaks with the help of a right hair style you can conceal them. However both beards and haircuts are the most important element of your style, so try to be careful while committing your choice.   Perfect 40s men Hairstyles for 2017Thinning Hair

Well, for some men diminishing hair is an unavoidable truth. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you need to wear your cap to conceal the bald spots, since there are some cool hairstyles that come in handy. However diminishing or lessening hair can be as smart as full head of hair if you use a right headdress. This particular style is the best example, so consider keeping it short.

2017 Men’s Hairstyles for Chubby Faces

Your chubby face not always denotes that you look like a child. With the help of right grooming and styling, you can always carry off any personality. However the hair should be styled in a way that balances the chubbiness. A right chosen hairstyle will definitely help you to bring out only the best of your chubby face and conceal your imperfections. For some inspiration check out 2017 men’s hairstyles for chubby faces and get the one which grabs your attention.2017 Mens Hairstyles for Chubby Faces  Medium Length Hair

Medium-length hair, that can be brushed backwards look trendy and respectable. The volume created on the top will make your round face look better. This haircut is great for both curly and straight hair. However curly locks will provide you with more volume so don’t try to overdo it. Thus, you don’t have to do much styling because it is all about the haircut!

Latest Shaved Hairstyles for Men

All men think of shaving their head at least once in their life. Well, military styles have a certain appeal, but they have never been considered creative hairdos. If you are planning to shave your head but you don’t want to lose the design, there is an easy way out. There are numerous hairstyles out there which combine shaved heads and creative haircuts. Mohawk is the most popular among them that looks even better with shaved sides. If you want to see some of such designs, check out these examples of shaved hairstyles for men.  Latest Shaved Hairstyles for MenMohawk Pompadour

As I have already mentioned Mohawk is considered one of the most popular hairstyles that look perfect with shaved sides. To replicate this design you will need to shave the most part of your head while leaving a hair mop on the top. The styling depends on the length of the top. If you have long and straight hair, then don’t hesitate to wear a pompadour hairstyle.  

Men Celebrities’ Faux Hawks for 2017

The faux hawk is a popular choice for many men including celebrities. Faux hawks are not as bold as Mohawks and they can be achieved without having to shave any part of the hair. These hairstyles are worn both casually and formally and the best thing about them is that they are very easy to style. Today I have decided to put together some celebrities who have rocked a faux hawk hairstyle, since they can be the best inspiration for you. 2017 men’s faux hawks are going to have a very classy look.Men Celebrities Faux Hawks for 2017Taylor Lautner Faux Hawk

It is possible to see Taylor rocking this hairstyle pretty often. Everyone will admit that he looks super adorable with this hairstyle. Well, his has pretty thick hair that allows him to style it the way he wants. The sides are relatively shorter while the top is longer. So, to replicate this look, you will need to apply some hair products and work with your fingers to create a distinct look.

Top 10 Beard Styles for 2017

Beards are still a great trend amongst guys and they are evolving and getting better as time goes on. Now many dudes are wondering which beard styles are going to be trendy in the next season. Well, if you want to be a step forward from the others, check out top 10 beard styles for 2017. I am sure here you will find your favorite beard style, since we have selected only the trendiest onesTop 10 Beard Styles for 2017Medium Hair with Thick Beard

While choosing a haircut and beard style, be careful, since these two factors are crucial when creating a defined look. However nothing looks better with a nice medium flow than a nice thick beard. Well, you will need some time to grow out your facial hair but it is really worth your patience.  

Top 6 Short Hairstyles for Men

The versatility of short hairdos is incredible. Many years ago men shouldn’t imagine that short hair can be done in so many ways. These designs require short sides and back with a bit longer top. The difference between the lengths creates a breathtaking style. If you want to add a modern touch to your lifeless locks then check out top 6 short hairstyles that I have selected.short hairstyle ideasAngular Fringe

The angular fringe is not new in men’s trend but it is so popular among the men that we are certain that it will be a big trend in coming 2017 too. To replicate this particular look, you will need to taper the sides, while keeping the top layer long and cut at angle. This hairstyle works well on all face shapes, but it is best suited for men with a round face.

2017 Medium Length Hairstyles for Modern Men

There are three types of men: First, the men who like to keep the hair short, second the men who prefer to have a classy look with medium length hair and the men who are ready to stand out with their extra long tresses. Well, those who prefer medium length hair are lucky since I am going to introduce 2017 medium length hairstyles for modern men. The best thing about these trendy looks is that they are very easy to achieve, but the way the hair is chopped off is crucial. 2017 Medium Length Hairstyles for Modern Men Slicked-Back Hairstyle

Yes! Medium-length hair is not going to get out of the trend, since it is the most chic length that provides with a classic look. Here is a gorgeous hairstyle for a medium-length hair, slicking it back with your favorite pomade will grace you with a classy look like this. You can be sure that it will never be treated as an out-dated hairstyle. Just let your locks grow to medium size and rock this look!

5 Latest Hairstyles for Men 2017

Men’s hair trends are changing as fast as the fashion of clothes. Today guys, we are going to give all of you a head start in men’s hairstyle trends for 2017. There are a lot of options for every guy out there so it is not a competition. Just relax your mind and check out the latest hairstyles for men. I would like to mention that long tops, tapered or trimmed sides, bangs and some other elements are going to hit the season like this year. However it will still be up to you to keep the sides short or not, to go for long or short top and etc.5 Latest Hairstyles for Men 2017Short Haircut

Most of men go for short hairstyles since they are pretty easy to maintain. So, the design you see below is a perfect option for guys who are looking for an easy to maintain and style haircut. The sides are trimmed while the top has 1-1.5 inches of the hair. This cut is highly recommended for guys with square face shapes.  

Men’s Curly Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles are considered to be bold and daring. But the way you style is up to you since there are many variations. You can go form straight to more subtle versions that can finish as quite dapper. Curly Mohawks are usually being combined with tapered sides to introduce some interest into the style. Curly designs of Mohawks never fail in drawing attention. If you want to make a bold statement then you need to check out these incredible curly Mohawks.Mens Curly Mohawk HairstylesFaded Ponytail

You can always turn your simple ponytail into a sophisticated one and this picture is the most inspiring example. The dazzling side fade with an edgy cut make a great combination. The crown of the head involves curls that are tied back in a ponytail. The pattern on the side helps to create a top notch look. Want to stand out of the crowd? Then adopt this look!