2016 Funky Hair Highlights for Men

There are many celebrities, TV stars and singers who appear with funky hair colors and hairstyles but not everyone can go for such transformations and radical changes. Those who have original approaches towards their style and like to experiment with different haircuts, hair colors and hair highlights, may think carefully before changing anything on their appearance. The standard blonde or brown highlights have already done their job in the fashion world and they are considered as classy hair highlighting ideas. Now, the turn is for flashier, funkier and more fashionable solutions. Well, you are the adventurous type of guy and need something new and unique to try out. Start with a cute hair highlighting idea. Check out these men’s funky hair highlights to try in 2016.men with hair highlights 2016Burgundy Hair Highlights for Men

In spite of the fact that burgundy hair color is so trendy in 2016 and many women dye their entire mane in this shade, one should be careful when it comes to highlights. Burgundy is a rich red shade with dark undertones and generally goes with dark hair. If you have black or deep brown hair then you can add fresh burgundy highlights to it. This hair color makes your base shade more striking and eye-catching. Besides, you will appear in the center of attention due to your astounding style. Burgundy is sometimes called Marsala hair color both of which are associated with red wines.

2016 Coolest Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Curly and wavy hair sometimes come up with many variations which look quite stylish and appealing. However in many cases the look of the trendy hairstyle depends on the haircut. Once you wear the right haircut on your waves you get the fancy and lovely look. While short haircuts bring out your facial features medium hair helps you to hide some facial features. They are usually combined with bangs which give lots of hair styling options. Here are collected men’s wavy hairstyles for 2016 which will inspire many wavy-haired men to style their locks right.wavy hairstyles for men 2016Short Wavy Hairstyle for Men

This cool slightly wavy hairstyle with top part shag is a great option for young guys who want to create a style statement. It is very attractive and cute. You can achieve the look by hair styling products.

Men’s Slicked Back Side Parted Hairstyles 2016

A few people know that the trendy slicked back hairstyles have for about 100 years’ history. When the water-based pomades were first provided special for men’s hair this hairstyle idea became very popular. Later on the slicked back style was evolved and hairstylists were combining it with the classy side parting. However here are represented the most fashionable and modern men’s slicked back side parted hairstyles for 2016. Since today’s hair styling products allow us to go for as many hairstyles as our imagination declares we should discover this cool style for many occasions.men slicked back side parted hairstyles for 2016So, the perfect slicked back hairstyles and side parted hairstyles are generally achieved on short to medium haircuts with the help of lots of hair oil, grooming cream and oil-based pomades. For many years the side parted hairstyle was on one of the most dominant styles among stylish, ritzy and posh men. Men of various styles, tastes and hair styling approaches made it a big trend in the 1900’s.

Beach Waves Hairstyles for Men

The influence of free people’s style is prominent not only in women’s fashion world but also among stylish men. It is a relaxed and a bit carefree style which people find quite convenient for everyday life. Though many consider it as a casual street style but few people pay attention to the matching hairstyles. These boho inspired outfits and accessories look better with casual wavy or messy hairstyles which are called beach waves. Men who have naturally wavy hair can easily achieve beach wavy hairstyles on their short and long haircuts. mens beach waves hairstyles 2016Unlike women, who generally showcase the beauty of beach waves on their long tresses, men are welcome to style it even on their short haircuts which provide with some texture on the top. These hairstyles are great for spring and summer seasons when we like to spend our free time at the beaches and in evening parties. Beach waves look very natural and beautiful.

Matt Damon’s Hairstyle Makeover

From the shortest buzz cut to the long ponytail hairstyle Matt Damon is one of the most talented American actors and filmmakers who likes to experiment with different styles. This handsome guy inspires many men by his lifestyle, way of thinking and dressing. His cool hairstyles look very masculine even in long lengths, because he has the secret of looking so manly and masculine with any haircut or hairstyle he pulls off. Here are collected some of the best hairstyles of Matt Damon to inspire you in 2016. You are going to be surprised by the hairstyle makeover which he has undergone during the recent years. So, keep on reading to discover the Matt Damon’s handsomeness.Matt Damon hairstyles 2016Matt Damon Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League is a short haircut for classy men who like to wear short and comfy haircuts. This style is generally combined with a little fringe which adds some fullness in front. Matt had been rocking this hairstyle for quite a long time and actually it suits his face shape and hair type. It keeps him neat and very clean as well as brings out the beauty of his fair face. This haircut is easy to style with hair creams and waxes, and since it’s short, you won’t spend much time on it.

Men’s Medium Layered Haircuts 2016

Everyone wants to have his own style to impress people around him. When it comes to several huge changes in the look people generally start with the hairstyle. Some prefer to get rid of their long locks while others reasonably grow them out to style differently. Medium length is one of the most popular styles among men and young guys. It gives millions of hair styling ideas and allows you to look different each time you opt for a new hairstyle.medium layered haircuts for men 2016 There are many beautiful medium haircuts for men but the most demanded and fashionable styles are medium layered haircuts for 2016. While you think on how to style your mid-length hair the right way, layers come out with cool variations. You can experiment with spiky, brushed up, side parted, straight, wavy, curly or any other trendy hairstyle which suits your face shape.

Beard Styles for Teenage Guys

Have you ever wondered what makes a guy so masculine and seductive? Perhaps it’s the trendy beard style that he chooses for his facial hair. Teenage boys often think that beards can make them look hotter, more masculine and handsome. There is some truth behind this idea because when we look at men with different beard styles we feel how confident they are and how manly they look among other males. Well, it’s obvious that in certain situations men also need to keep their face cleaner and classier.beards for teenage guys 2016 In this case they shave facial hair, but it’s also necessary to go for beards time to time if your face shape allows you to. There are several beard styles for teenage guys which make young men so stylish and engaging. Since fashion is all about representing and expressing your individuality, taste and way of thinking you are supposed to find the style which meets your preferences and makes you better-looking.

Men’s Medium Hairstyles from Hermes 2016 Fashion Weeks

Hermes is one of the most outstanding French fashion houses in the world. It is known with its posh and cool collections of leather, perfumery and many lifestyle goods and accessories both for men and women. The popular and stylish Hermes scarves today are the most required scarves among males and females. They have become a part of the modern French culture with their ritzy and ornate nature. However today we are not going to speak about the latest collection of Hermes’s leather pieces, accessories and scarves. The most inspiring things in fashion shows are hairstyles for us and therefore we have collected the best medium hairstyles for men to copy in 2016. Hermes 2016 men hairstylesThis time the majority of models are in curly, wavy and shaggy medium hairstyles which are so harmoniously combined with the fancy outfits. These are mid-length layered haircuts on natural curly, wavy and straight locks, but even straight haircuts have the messy touch in them.

2016 Tribal Hair Designs for Men

From the simplest to the most complicated hair designs tribal is the most popular style. Men love it not only in tattoo art but also in hair styling. Being one of the oldest designing techniques for bodies nowadays it is used as a cool hair designing idea. While women opt for various cute hairstyles to highlight their femininity, men choose tribal hair tattoos to enhance their masculinity.  This style was first popular among black men but since today it is a requested hair styling all over the world you can pick a unique and striking tribal hair design in 2016. Luckily it doesn’t ask hair type, color and is achieved on straight hair as well as on curly locks. The only thing you should consider is your hair length. tribal hair designs for men for 2016The part which you choose for a hair tattoo should be quite short and neat. Generally men prefer to wear these flashy designs on the side parts and sometimes combine them with fade haircuts. Here represented excellent examples of tribal hair tattoos will help you to decide what you want and what style you can choose for your current haircut. If it’s long or in mid-lengths then you are supposed to go for a short style to get an eye-catching design.

Hottest Fade Mohawk Haircuts for 2016

Among zillions of male haircuts and hairstyles Mohawk is one of the odd, yet so eye-catching hairstyles. It is often combined with different haircuts and hair types. Being such a bold hair styling idea it is quite required these days among young boys, soccer players and just among guys who like the flashy street style. Though there are many Mohawk hairstyles but the most fashionable one that you can choose for 2016 is the fade Mohawk haircut. Unlike many other styles it looks cleaner due to the short side parts and the neat fading. fade Mohawk haircuts for men 2016The majority of guys style the Mohawk wrong that’s why we usually see extreme hairstyles with long spikes on the top and on the back. However the right styling basically depends on the haircut. If you choose the right haircut you can achieve a perfect Mohawk style. So, fade is a great style for a good Mohawk hairstyle. Not every haircut can give you the opportunity of styling faux hawk hairstyles. Thus, before styling your hair first of all pay attention to the haircut. Does it match the style?