Men’s Ivy League Haircuts 2016

The smart, high-classy and posh Ivy League haircut a is trendy crew cut which is basically chosen by elegant men who like to match their hairstyles with classy looks. The sophisticated nature of Ivy League haircuts represent your love towards the neat and well-favored styles. Many women just go crazy about this masculine touch on men. Actually Ivy League haircuts are achieved by the same techniques as the crew cuts. Ivy League haircuts for men 2016The only difference is that they provide you with a longer top part which is styled into side parted hairstyles. It makes you face shape more handsome and attractive. The well-balanced effect that it has is accompanied by clean face or sometimes by tidy shadow beards. you can opt for the Ivy League haircut in 2016 as it is so fashionable these days.

Men Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles 2016

It is more than obvious that when a man grows his hair out his look changes into a more eye-catching one. Gone are the days when men would wear only short and simple hairstyles. Nowadays there are millions of medium to long haircuts which allow them to go for various trendy hairstyles. One of them is the popular ponytail.  This comfy hairstyle is ideal not only for women but also for men. Male celebrities like Shia Labeouf,  Brad Pitt, Shah Rukh Khan, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham, Jared Leto, Johnny Depp and many others love to rock ponytail hairstyle for special occasions, during film festivals, awards and on casual days. It helps them to keep long locks out of the face and to be in classier looks. Here are the best men celebrity ponytail hairstyles which you can consider for celebrity ponytail hairstyles 2016Shah Rukh Khan Ponytail Hairstyle

Having such masculine facial features Shah Rukh Khan wears ponytail hairstyle even without beards. However we see the Bollywood king in beard styles too. They ideally go with pony hairdos. His healthy dark hair is often styled into layered haircuts which not only refresh his tresses but also frame the face.

2016 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Balding Men

Many men struggle against balding and hair thinning and instead of finding the best haircuts, hairstyles and little secrets on how to make their thinning hair look nice, they go for super bald styles. Though this may seem to be a big problem for you, you are supposed to discover the latest ideas of professional hairstylists. They usually give the right advice and help you enhance your handsomeness by various approaches. Check out below represented best hairstyles for balding men to try in 2016.  We hope you’ll find your style and will enjoy your hairstyles from now on.hairstyles for balding men 2016Slicked-Up Comb over Undercut for Men

Take examples from stylish celebrities who have thin hair. David Beckham always finds the best hairstyles for his fine hair. One of them is the slicked-up comb over undercut hairstyle.

6 Male Celebrities with Curly Hairstyles 2016

When it comes to curly hair men usually try to find the most effective ways of styling their unruly and fly-away locks. As this is a bit hard task we always offer you the hairstyles which are both trendy and beautiful. Taking into consideration the fact that natural hairstyles are so fashionable these days we will represent to you the best male celebrity curly hairstyles for 2016.  Some celebrities know the right way of taking care about their curls and to enhance their handsomeness. You should defiantly take examples from them as they generally refer to professional hairstylists to get the most suitable haircuts and hairstyles for their face shape. Here they are!male celebrity curly hairstyles 2016Brody Jenner Short Curly Hairstyle

Everyone knows this model and reality TV star who looks has taken after his father Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner.  Brody Jenner is really a handsome and seductive guy with his charming look and cute curly hairstyle. He likes to keep it short to bring out his well-favored facial features. It suits him very much and goes with his face shape. If you have such face shape and hair type you may chose this lovely short haircut in 2016.

Best Hairstyles for Businessmen 2016

Gone are the days when men would choose simple and casual hairstyles for their posh looks. Nowadays each guy tries to find out the most fashionable haircuts and hairstyles which work well with elegant suits and outfits. The professional businessmen hairstyles for 2016 are taken to the next level and provide you more fascinating hair styling solutions. They are not only neat but also highlight your masculinity. Whether you are fond of clean and short haircuts or just need some interest in your look here you are going to discover the best hairstyles for businessmen who have special dress codes. Let’s have a look at them.hairstyles for businessmen 2016Short Side Parted Hairstyle for Men

The classic side parted hairstyle is surely one of the most popular styles that you can match with your business style. This is a low-maintenance haircut and allows you to showcase your handsome face. It seems as if this style will never leave the fashion world and is going to be in thing no matter what.

Coolest Shaggy Hairstyle Ideas for Men

It’s the right time to change your style and whole appearance for the upcoming tender season. People always seek for new ideas and transformations to look better or to start a new life. While women try out as many hairstyles as possible men usually keep their posh style with several trendy haircuts. However when you change your look it seems as if you become another personality and this is so fascinating. If you have always been in elegant and sleek hairstyles then you should certainly have a kind of fun with shaggy hairstyles in 2016. Perhaps you are tired of the same dull and old-fashioned hairstyles. Why not try something new and more creative?shaggy hairstyles for men 2016Shaggy Spiky Hairstyle

It is quite easy to create a shaggy effect on spiky hairstyles. And though many consider this a street style but we see classy celebrities matching it with their festive outfits and neat looks.

2016 Best Beard Styles for Your Face Shape

Like the haircuts and hairstyles beards also require special face shapes. Different face shapes call for distinct beard styles. Each man should find the most suitable style for his face.  Here you will find the best beard style for your face shape to wear in 2016. When it comes to facial hair one should definitely keep in mind several important factors. First of all your beard and jaw should work well with each other. You should achieve a well-favored oval shape. In case you have a square or a bit rounded jaw you may grow out a fuller beard style on the bottom. Those who have oblong face shape, you’ll need more hair on the side parts avoiding the length. So, now let’s discuss each separately.beard styles for face shapes 2016Beard Style for Square Face Shape

Men with square face shapes are very handsome and masculine. This is the most beautiful face structure for men. It looks better with full beard styles. So, you should keep the beard fuller on the chin and shorter on the side parts. There are several cool and trendy full beard styles among which you can pick the style which you like most.

Men’s Wedding Hairstyle Trends 2016

Unlike brides who plan their wedding hairdos for about a month before, men can choose their posh hairstyles even before the wedding day. Everything that they need is a clean cut, shiny hairstyle and a fresh effect. Actually this is not that difficult to get if you already know what style you need. Generally men’s wedding hairstyle trends for 2016 don’t differ from the latest classy and elegant hairstyles. They are short modern spikes, pompadours, neat faux hawks, brushed up hairstyles, fancy side combed and many other styles some of which are represented hairstyles for men 2016 Sleek Side Combed Hairstyle for Men

The first most popular style that you can rock on your big day is the sleek side combed. It is neat and very lavish. You will have an opulent and super masculine appearance.

The Short Butch Cut for Men

The popular butch cut or the so called brush cut is one of the low-maintenance haircuts for men after the short Caesar and Ivy League haircuts. This style belongs to the buzz cut family and provides you with a neat and tidy haircut which brings out your face shape and facial features. It goes with many face shapes and is recommended for balding men. This is a military inspired haircut and is often chosen by athletes too. Being such a comfy hairstyle the butch cut is short on all sides and the length is the same on top, back and sides. Here you see several cool examples of short butch haircuts which are quite tidy and fresh-looking. Some can even choose it for the hot summer days and for busy seasons when they have little time for hair styling. Young guys are welcome to wear it as a hassle-free and no-fuss haircut.butch haircuts for men 2016How to Get a Butch Cut: Actually butch cuts are one of the easiest haircuts to get on any type of hair. Any barber can provide you with a perfect and sometimes skillful men achieve it even by themselves. However if you are not comfortable taking such a decision then refer to a barber.

Men’s Connected Undercut Hairstyles 2016

Not everyone knows that the undercut is a retro style and dates back to the ’30s and ’40s. It looks such a modern and striking style that many guys opt for it these days. Moreover, undercuts have become trendy hairstyles and will continue to be in thing in 2016. Many celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt like this style and often wear different undercuts on their hair. Whether you want a classic haircut or a more fascinating shape for your hair undercut is always great. There are two types of undercuts: connected and disconnected. Compared with disconnected undercuts connected styles look neater and more elegant. So, here are collected the most beautiful connected undercut hairstyles for 2016. connected undercut hairstyles for men 2016 Connected Side Combed Undercut Hairstyle

Since undercuts are short on the sides and long on the top you are supposed to style the top part hair. It generally looks attractive both in straight and curly styles. You can even go for layered haircut to achieve a fresher effect. So, this style is great for straight and thick hair.