2016 Men’ Hairstyle Ideas for Receding Hairline

Getting older is not a tragedy, as in any age people should find something more fascinating and attractive for them. Even the change in the appearance is not a thing to worry about. There are so many ideas on how to look younger or as seductive as you have been before. Look at the most famous male celebrities who become even better with the age like a good wine. Where is the secret? It’s hidden behind their personality, way of dressing and hair styling. They know what hairstyles to take even for receding hairline. When that hairline becomes a problem for you, instead of struggling against it you should just find the most suitable hairstyles for receding hairline. By following these tips you will easily find out the best style for you. So, let’s go!mens hairstyles fro receding hairline 2016Have you ever thought why business haircuts are long on the top and shorter on the sides? This classic style is beautiful but it’s not for everyone. It highlights hair loss especially when hair is in dark shades. The wispy comb over isn’t a solution too.

2016 Hottest Long Dreadlocks for Men

Do you want to do something unique, daring and unusual in your appearance? If you are a playful and positive personality then try out long dreadlocks in 2016. This afro-inspired style is not only for women but also for men who seek for original transformations. Long dreadlocks give you many fun hair styling ideas and always keep you in the center of attention. Nowadays men dreadlocks are very popular and they are going to become the biggest Afro trends not only for Afro-American men. long dreadlocks for men 2016While women opt for colorful, accessorized and festive dreadlocks men prefer classier, neater and manly styles in dark shades and in simple effects. They wear long black, dark brown, light brown and two-toned dreadlocks with their long hairstyles. It seems as if the Jamaican culture with its rich religious influences has something to do in the fashion world.

2016 Updo Hairstyles for Men’s Long Hair

It’s not a secret that any guy with long hair refers to bun, ponytail and other updo hairstyles time to time. It helps them to keep hair out of the case and to have a cozier style. Besides, updo hairstyles are classier and appropriate for official meetings or for special occasions. So, do you want to discover the most popular men’s updo hairstyles for 2016? Here are the latest trends that you can choose for your long locks. Actually I wasn’t going to create a special article for men’s updo hairstyles but since this trend is becoming more and more popular I will help you to find out the best styles. Thus, let’s get started!men updo hairstyles 2016Man Bun Hairstyle

Bun is a comfy and easy to do hairstyle for any type of hair. Be it curly or straight your long locks will be in a neater and more attractive style with the sleek bun hairstyles. In case you like loose and relaxed updos you can opt for messy buns. They are preferable for casual days and for second day unruly hair.

2016 Cool Textured Haircuts for Men

When it comes to textured hairstyles the options are numerous and one can’t give the typical and basic cut. It is met in various lengths and there is no restriction for you. This is a great opportunity for men who like to experiment with different hairstyles and haircuts. Actually before going for a textured haircut you should know that the texture can be added after having the haircut. It is not necessary to give a special shape to this haircut. A number of men sport medium or short haircuts and then add the desired body or texture. It is one of the hottest hair styling ideas that many professional hairstylists provide to any haircut. However it is possible to get the same effect at home if you know how to style your hair right. Here collected pictures of men’s textured haircuts for 2016 will help you find out the most suitable style for your locks.   textured hairstyles for men 2016How to Get: So, now let’s discuss the approaches and the methods with the help of which you can get a cool textured haircut. First of all you should know that everything depends on your haircut. Your hairstylist can use a pair of textured shears. Actually there are special types of scissors which help you to add texture to any haircut. Your hairstylist may use them to get stylish feathered cuts especially on the top and side parts. These textures are provided only due to the right cutting tools.

Men’s Flat-Top Haircuts for 2016

The striking flat-top haircut is a short type of hair which is usually neat, flat-looking and a bit high on the top and quite short on the sides. This is a military-inspired haircut and as the statistics show it is generally worn by black men, football, basketball players and some military personnel. You can opt for a cool flat-top haircut in 2016 to make a style statement and to draw attention on your neat appearance. This haircut is generally achieved by electric machines and clippers, though some barbers prefer to use the clipper-over-comb technique. Flat-Top Haircuts 2016When you look at the flat-top haircut structure from the front you can notice that different degrees of squarish look are created by the shape of the upper sides. The many variations of this styles depend on the skull shapes. Actually flat-top haircut doesn’t suit everyone and it requires special face shapes. It doesn’t work well with pointed face shapes, low front hairlines, curly and wavy locks and strong forward growth pattern.

Men’s Taper Fade Haircuts with Side Designs 2016

Take your haircut to the next level with a striking fade haircut with side designs in 2016. These two styles work well together and provide you with unique hairstyles. They are both masculine and very eye-catching. With a fresh, trendy and cool taper fade which is accompanied by stunning hair tattoos on the side parts you will feel more confident and handsome. Taper fade is a clean and flashy haircut itself and its beauty is highlighted by tribal designs or sharp lines which are simple but so attractive. Since faded haircuts are among the most popular and demanded styles for men you can get a variety of fashionable looks by adding a hard part, two distinct lengths such as the astounding hi lo fade haircut or can just add your favorite designs. taper fade haircuts with side designs 2016Some people even choose small images and portraits which require professional hairstylists and special skills. This is a kind of hairstyle art that not everyone can achieve the right way. Don’t expect this big trend disappear so soon. It is going to be evolved and provided with the modern twists and sophisticated touches. Professional hair designers do their best to create more fascinating and delightful hair tattoos which ideally go with taper fades.

Men’s Best Hairstyles with Long Bangs 2016

Men are divided into two types when it comes to hairstyles; guys who prefer bang hairstyles and those who just avoid bangs. Actually bangs help to hide some facial features and solve many problems in our appearance. They help to add visual fullness to thin hair, cover large forehands, change the face shape or create a cool balance between haircuts and face shapes.  No other haircut has as much influence on your look as the right styled fringe. You can highlight your handsomeness and beauty with the help of a matching bang style. menhairstyles with long bangs 2016So, the power of fringe hairstyles can be discovered by any men who wants to take his look to another stylish level. Being inspired by the recent best runway looks many guys try out trendy hairstyles with long bangs in 2016. Why long bangs? Because they work well both with short and long haircuts. Check out some of the most fashionable examples below and learn the ideal styling techniques and methods to beautify your long bangs.

2016 Funky Hair Highlights for Men

There are many celebrities, TV stars and singers who appear with funky hair colors and hairstyles but not everyone can go for such transformations and radical changes. Those who have original approaches towards their style and like to experiment with different haircuts, hair colors and hair highlights, may think carefully before changing anything on their appearance. The standard blonde or brown highlights have already done their job in the fashion world and they are considered as classy hair highlighting ideas. Now, the turn is for flashier, funkier and more fashionable solutions. Well, you are the adventurous type of guy and need something new and unique to try out. Start with a cute hair highlighting idea. Check out these men’s funky hair highlights to try in 2016.men with hair highlights 2016Burgundy Hair Highlights for Men

In spite of the fact that burgundy hair color is so trendy in 2016 and many women dye their entire mane in this shade, one should be careful when it comes to highlights. Burgundy is a rich red shade with dark undertones and generally goes with dark hair. If you have black or deep brown hair then you can add fresh burgundy highlights to it. This hair color makes your base shade more striking and eye-catching. Besides, you will appear in the center of attention due to your astounding style. Burgundy is sometimes called Marsala hair color both of which are associated with red wines.

2016 Coolest Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Curly and wavy hair sometimes come up with many variations which look quite stylish and appealing. However in many cases the look of the trendy hairstyle depends on the haircut. Once you wear the right haircut on your waves you get the fancy and lovely look. While short haircuts bring out your facial features medium hair helps you to hide some facial features. They are usually combined with bangs which give lots of hair styling options. Here are collected men’s wavy hairstyles for 2016 which will inspire many wavy-haired men to style their locks right.wavy hairstyles for men 2016Short Wavy Hairstyle for Men

This cool slightly wavy hairstyle with top part shag is a great option for young guys who want to create a style statement. It is very attractive and cute. You can achieve the look by hair styling products.

Men’s Slicked Back Side Parted Hairstyles 2016

A few people know that the trendy slicked back hairstyles have for about 100 years’ history. When the water-based pomades were first provided special for men’s hair this hairstyle idea became very popular. Later on the slicked back style was evolved and hairstylists were combining it with the classy side parting. However here are represented the most fashionable and modern men’s slicked back side parted hairstyles for 2016. Since today’s hair styling products allow us to go for as many hairstyles as our imagination declares we should discover this cool style for many occasions.men slicked back side parted hairstyles for 2016So, the perfect slicked back hairstyles and side parted hairstyles are generally achieved on short to medium haircuts with the help of lots of hair oil, grooming cream and oil-based pomades. For many years the side parted hairstyle was on one of the most dominant styles among stylish, ritzy and posh men. Men of various styles, tastes and hair styling approaches made it a big trend in the 1900’s.