2016 Men’s Hairstyles with Thick Hair

If you find thick strands a challenge to deal then you should check out the following images. A skillful barber will transform your unkempt and uncontrollable strands into a trendy and fashionable hairstyle. Even if some people hate their thick hair, they should know that with plenty of hair, they undoubtedly have many styling options.2016 Mens Hairstyles with Thick HairVoluminous and textured pompadours, fringes, undercut haircuts will compliment you thick hair. So, go on reading our article about 2016 men’s hairstyles with thick hair and explore the trendiest hairstyles and haircuts which you should rock this year.

Men Celebrities’ Slicked Back Hairstyles

Want to look and feel super cool? Then slicked back hairstyles will provide you with those feelings. It is a fact that slicked back hairstyles have already managed to gain popularity both among celebrity women and men. These two genders equally rock elegant and classic slicked back hairstyles.Men Celebrities Slicked Back HairstylesProbably these are the most effortless and easy yet cool hairdos which are worth to wear on formal events. Since celebrities are inspiring, we have decided to gather the most known celebs who have ever rocked slicked back hairstyles. If you are interested to see them then check out our post about men celebrities’ slicked back hairstyles.  

Men’s Hairstyle Ideas with Thin Beards

Beards are back in fashion world. We have shown you many hairstyles with beards, so that you have had a chance to see the impact of men’s beard on their style. Some men without facial hair are even unrecognizable. Nowadays facial hair is accepted as an accessory of the style.Mens Hairstyle Ideas with Thin BeardsWhether you are in favor of having beard or not, you should definitely check out the following men’s hairstyle ideas with thin beards. After watching the following images probably you will also want to keep, if not full thick, then thin beard. So now let’s get started.  

Ricki Hall’s Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

Recently media influencers and models are taken as the best examples for men who are looking for brand new hairstyles. Have you heard about Ricki Hall? He is a model and as I mentioned media influencer. His pictures are being taken by different blogs since he is keeping up with the latest trends.Ricki Hall Hairstyle Ideas for 2016The most eye-catching detail of his style is his long and thick beard. He combines it with various modern hairstyles and creates unique looks. If you are ready to explore the best hairstyles of modern men then check out Ricki Hall’s hairstyle ideas for 2016. 

Men’s Alternative Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Are you looking for something else? Then the following alternative hairstyles and hair colors are for you. Alternative hairstyles come in different shapes and sizes, included bold Mohawks, EMO looks, unusual crops, big spikes. Hair shades are also different depends on how much attention the wearer wants to grab.Mens Alternative Hairstyles and Hair ColorsAlternative hairstyle is helpful for men who don’t know what else to try, who are tired of his monotone hairstyles and hair colors. Keep in your mind your favorite haircut then by changing the shade get an alternative hairstyle. It’s so easy, just get a little bravery and go ahead. We are here to guide you.   

Best Asymmetrical Haircuts for Men

Asymmetric hairstyles are the most questioned cuts. Asymmetrical haircut is when one side is different from the other. You can create the boldest styles with an asymmetric haircut. It is possible to achieve asymmetric haircut with less drastic differences as well, depended on your preferences. Hairstylists create an asymmetric cut by using a diagonal cutting line in the bangs area.Best Asymmetrical Haircuts for MenThose who are looking for asymmetrical haircuts, they want to draw attention and make a statement. Such haircuts are popular particularly among young people. Asymmetrical styles can help to flatter face and balance facial features. Versatile asymmetric hairstyles are simply outstanding and eye-catching. If you are interested to have such haircut, then have a look at the best asymmetrical haircuts for men.

Men’s Best Summer Hairstyles

We have already thrown away our furry coats and warm boots because outside is simmer. It’s a period of time when you need to keep your sunglasses ready and wear the freshest haircuts. Maybe you will need to cut your long locks off to feel more comfy and cozy.Mens Best Summer HairstyleIn summer it is recommended to opt for shorter cuts since shorter locks will not make you feel too hot, beside they are easier to style. If you think that there are not many options for short tresses, you are mistaken. We will guide you to find men’s best summer hairstyles. Just check them out!  

6 Men’s Straight Hairstyles for 2016

Actually there are several hair types: short, long thick, thin, straight and curly. It goes without saying that there exist hairstyles for all types. A right chosen cut will only highlight the best sides of your face features. Usually men’s natural straight hair is thin, so they need to make it look thicker.Mens Straight Hairstyles for 2016There is a group of men who prefer to wear straight hairstyles more than curls; probably they find it cooler and more fashionable. If you also like to keep your strands straight then go on reading because we have selected 6 men’s straight hairstyles for 2016.    

Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington

According to a famous top model Johnny Harrington growing up with red hair is a little tough but yet cool thing. He likes to be a bit different and he thinks that everyone should be somehow unique. Is it true that redhead models are nowadays in high demand? It seems yes. Since red is unique shade among men, it is in mainstream.Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington Redhead men obviously stand out of the crowd and grab attention. Those who don’t have natural red strands, think about getting it. The most natural hue of red is ginger. It requires cool skin complexion. By the way if you are not redhead but you have intentions to get it, then go on reading to see one of the most popular models Johnny Herrington’s ginger hairstyle ideas.    

Long Beard with Modern Hairstyles

It is not a secret that a right combination of beard and hairstyle is pretty important. Many men like the presence of a beard while others prefer to live without its existence. There are many types of beards which are back in style such as designer beards, goatees, full beards, moustaches.thick beard hairstyles for menThe difference with or without beard is pretty obvious. Well, it doesn’t matter you like to keep beards or not just check out the following long beards with modern hairstyles and get inspired. Probably after seeing these haircuts and long beards you will also like to grow out your facial hair.