2016 Men Celebrities with Grey Hairstyles

While young guys wear trendy blonde, red or brown hair colors on their short, long, curly, fade, undercut, buzz, side shaved or top knot hairstyles our stylish celebrities, singers, film stars and TV personnel rock their natural grey hair colors on classy haircuts. Mature celebrity men with grey hairstyles have brought the biggest trend for 2016. Grey hair seems to be the most fashionable style not only for mature women but also for old guys.
men celebrities with grey hair 2016Many Hollywood stars prefer to combine their short haircuts with grey beards and some choose neater, cleaner, classier hairstyles in pure grey. Nowadays even younger boys dye their locks in grey shades to stand out from the crowd and to be in the center of attention. So, if you have naturally grey hair then rock it the way it is taking examples from celebrities.

Coolest Beard Styles for Men 2016

Men who wear beards are cooler and more masculine. It seems as they reasonably highlight their masculinity with the help of stylish beards. In this post you will find the latest beard styles for 2016. It’s the high time to change your boyish look into a more manly and attractive one by seductive beard styles. Today the tendency of wearing beards is increasing and unlike men who keep their face always clean many fashionable guys opt for various beards and mustaches.beard styles for men 2016Shadow Beards

Shadow beard is a short growth of beard that hardly covers the face and best works with short haircuts. This style was popular in 1980’s and is one of the trendiest styles for 2016. Many young guys wear it to have a more masculine and engaging appearance.

2016 Men’s Best Haircuts for Beards

There two major groups of men; men who like beards and men who prefer clean and smooth faces. Fortunately our fashion world cares about both types and offers such styles that can satisfy both sides. So, this time we will refer to the men’s best hairstyles with beards for 2016. If you have beards and want to discover the best haircuts and hairstyles for you then keep on reading.haircuts with beards 2016Undercut with Beards

Undercuts hairstyles go really perfectly with beards. They create cool styles that highlight your masculinity. So, if you choose a fresh undercut for your beard then try to keep the balanced effect. That is to say, the length of your beard and top part hair should match one another. If the top part hair is quite long then keep your beard in a full and long style.

2016 Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Disconnected undercuts are quite popular haircuts in the fashion world. They are generally opted by young guys who want to create a special style for themselves and wish to impress people around them. Compared with many male haircuts disconnected undercuts are very eye-catching and edgy hairstyles which make you stand out from the crowd. Today we’ll speak about the latest disconnected undercuts for 2016. If you want to discover the coolness of this style then keep on reading.disconnected undercut hairstyles 2016So, what do we mean by the name disconnected undercut hairstyle? Actually this is a type of haircut short on the sides and on the back and longer on the crown or top part.

Men’s Hairstyles for All Face Shapes 2016

It’s one of the worst things when you change your haircut and see it doesn’t suit your face shape. To avoid such unpleasant situations you’d better pick a haircut suitable just for your face structure. I am here to help you find out the most beautiful men’s hairstyles for all face shapes for 2016. So, have a look at these examples and keep in mind that for a cool and well-balanced looks long faces need to be visually short, wide faces should look long and angular face shapes are prettier in softer haircuts.hairstyles and face shape for men 2016Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is a soft and is usually suitable for females. Men who have oval face shapes should look for haircut which break down this roundness. Actually it goes with many haircuts and hairstyles and is often recommended to combine with sunglasses which tend to change the look visually. The only thing you should avoid is full bangs as they make the face look even rounder. You can choose either long or short haircuts and can style them in various ways according to your taste.

2016 Men’s Trendy Undercut Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Men who have curly hair often find it hard to change their hairstyle into a new one because the final result may not be so satisfying. However there are millions of images on the Internet that can help them find the most beautiful haircut for their curls. But if you want to experiment with trendy haircuts you should look for the latest versions. Here I have collected the stylish curly undercut hairstyles for 2016 which will help you make your choice in one of the trendiest styles all over the world.curly undercut hairstyles for men 2016Short Curly Undercut Hairstyle

Are you tired of your medium or long curls? Go for masculine short curly undercut. The shaved or short sides will keep the desired comfy result and the top part curls will make you stand out from the crowd. You can combine this haircut with short curly bangs which are so cute and soft.

Coolest Hairstyles for Teenage Guys 2016

Generally statistics show that young boys are more enthusiastic about their look and style than older men. They always need more attention and do their best to show off their individuality, way of thing and taste by their style. Haircuts and hairstyles are the first things that grab attention in a guy’s look. What he wears and what he prefers speaks about his personal taste and attitude towards the world of fashion. Special for these stylish guys I have prepared a great article where you can find the coolest teenage guy hairstyles for 2016. Check them out and pick the haircuts or the hairstyles which meet your preferences and interests.hairstyles for teenage guys 2016Short Haircut for Teenage Guys

Teenagers who want to look like fashionable men may often wear short haircuts. They highlight their masculinity and draw attention to their facial features. Besides, short haircuts are low-maintenance and comfy hairdos.

Two-Tone Hair Colors for Men 2016

It is not so common to see men in two-tone hair colors. Moreover, this is somehow weird for many people and men who wear two-tone shades stand out from the crowd. There are various ideas that hair colorist use to get unique two-tone shades on different haircuts. The effect of your two-tone hair color mostly depends on your haircut and hairstyles. Today we’ll discuss some cool two-tone hair colors for men for 2016. If you planning to change your current shade into an edgy two-tone hair color then check out these options.two-tone hair colors for men 2016Two-Tone Layered Hairstyle for Men

So, let’s start from the most popular two-tone hair color for men. It’s the highlighting options which makes hair look in two different shades. If you have a medium layered haircut you can bring out the structure of your new hairstyle with the help of light highlights added on the front layered cuts. They will warm up your complexion and will change the dull dark shade into a more interesting hair color.

Top 6 Men’s Hairstyles for Round Faces 2016

Are you wondering which are the best haircuts and hairstyles for your round face shape? Well, you are in the right place because I am going to represent top 6 men’s hairstyles for round faces for 2016. While we may love some trendy haircuts but every face shape requires its special style. So, have a look at these options and find your style.male hairstyles for round face 2016High Volume Haircut for Men

Since round face shapes need to be changed into visually oval or longer looks you may try high volume haircuts. In order to have this look you should keep the top part as long as possible and go for short sides and back part. The created voluminous effect on the top part will change your face shape visually making it more handsome and attractive.

Best Short Curly Haircuts for Men 2016

Curly hair can never be bad at least for people who have straight and sleek locks. Curls make hair more beautiful, soft, subtle and so eye-catching. Both men and women who have naturally curly hair are blessed with a gem. However they should care about their haircuts and hairstyles to keep their look stylish and their hair healthy. Today we will discuss the bet short curly haircuts for men 2016. If you are tired of your medium or long curls and want some change in your appearance then go for short haircuts. They are not only low-maintenance but also make you look more masculine.short curly haircuts for men 2016Short Curly Haircut for Men

This is the simplest haircut that you can wear on your curls to have a classy look. It is quite short and elegant and tends to keep you in a neat form. If you have fly away strands you can keep them under control with hair gel or wax. You’d better apply it on the sides and on the fringe but try to keep the top part hair in its lovely voluminous style. Business men can opt for this haircut to be in a stylish and classic look.