Best Haircuts for Men with Square Faces 2016

Lately we have spoken about haircuts for round faces. This time we will refer to men’s haircuts for square faces for 2016. If you have decided to change your haircut in 2016 then keep on reading to discover the best haircuts for your face shape. We will help you find out the most suitable haircut and will also give a piece of advice on how to style it properly. So, let’s start!haircuts for men square face 2016Square face shapes are considered as the most masculine face structures for men. It is very handsome with a variety of hairstyles. This type of face structure is angular and kind of sharp so, you need to opt for haircuts which can soften these angles.

Modern Handlebar Mustaches with Haircuts

Mustaches were so popular in the 70’s but today they are making a big comeback and offer us cooler styles. Hairstylists combine them with the right haircuts which are both beautiful and stylish and the results are striking and very eye-catching fashionable looks. This retro style is now very inspiring with its modern solutions. Today we will speak about the best handlebar mustaches with haircuts. Though many consider this as a cool hipster style but it has a longer and richer history.Handlebar Mustache with haircuts 2016Handlebar Mustache with Sleek Haircut

Short haircuts generally require short styles of beards and mustaches. In this case we have a flashy short haircuts which is styles into a neat and classy sleek side combed hairstyle. It is very fascinating in its structure and side design. Short mustaches were known as petit handlebar. It has the same structure as the rest of handlebar mustaches with curved ends. The only difference is the length but in spite of the shortness it is curled at the sides.

2016 Trendy Brush Up Hairstyles for Men

Brush up is quite simple voluminous and bit messy hairstyle. It is created by combing or brushing hair up and the final result is closer to quaff hairstyles. This hairstyle is very trendy in 2016 and many men already rock it with their classy outfits. Brush up hairstyles are popular especially among elegant and classy guys aged 20 to 25. Today we will speak about the trendy brush up hairstyles for 2016. You will not only know what type of hairstyle this is but will also be inspired by the excellent examples.brush up hairstyles for men 2016So, who can wear the modern brush up hairstyle? It is easy to create on hair which is cut short on the sides and on the back and is longer, voluminous and thick on the top part. It can be a fade, undercut or a taper haircut.

2016 Men’s Long Layered Hairstyles

Guys who like to keep their hair in long styles should also take special care for it. Long locks are not always healthy and luscious that’s why regular touch ups are necessary. If you want to do it by the means of fresh haircuts then the best style is the layered haircut for you. Discover the latest trendy men’s long layered hairstyles for 2016 right here and right long layered hairstyles 2016Long Curly Layered Haircut for Men

Men with long curly hair must always refer to a professional touch to make their locks very attractive. If you have natural curls in long styles then ask your hairstylist to add some cute layers to it. Though they won’t be so eye-catching but they will update the structure of your haircut.

Hair Highlights for Men 2016

Though there is a noticeable tendency of wearing stylish hair colors among men but some prefer eye-catching highlights. They don’t want to change their entire hair color and just need to enhance its shade by the means of trendy highlights. In this post you will find the most eye-catching hair highlights for men for 2016. If you want to experiment with a simple hair coloring idea then choose one of these highlighting styles for your highlights for men 2016Blonde Highlights for Men

Men opt for blonde highlights to lighten up their dark hair. Lately many celebrities wear blonde highlights on their black and brown haircuts. They make hair more interesting and delicate. However you should think twice before going for any highlighting idea. You should consider your skin tone and eye color as well as your base hair color.

Cool High Volume Hairstyles for Men 2016

Men’s hairstyle trends seem to opt for more voluminous and eye-catching styles. Be it neat or messy a trendy volumized hairstyle makes you stand out from the crowd. It brings out the beauty of your haircut and hair type. Today we will represent some cool men’s high volume hairstyles for 2016. Pay special attention to the haircuts which allow to go for volumized styles in order to achieve the desired effect on your own hair.high volume hairstyles for men 2016Messy High Volume Hairstyle for Men

If you have a thick medium haircut and want to style it into a lovely high volume hairstyle then you may like this trendy messy hairstyle. It is created on medium hair which is very voluminous and thick on the top part and is shorter on the sides. You can achieve the volumized effect by hair styling products and hair drier.

Zayn Malik Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016

Zayn Malik is one of the most popular young celebrities who inspires many boys with his hairstyles. it seems as if he changes his hairstyles every week and each time we see him he is in a new trendy look. He likes to experiment with millions of styles and as a result he always looks very handsome and fashionable. So, let’s have a look at some trendy hairstyles of Zayn Malik for 2016.zayn malik hairstyles 2016Zayn Malik Short Buzz Cut

I would like to start with the most striking hairstyle of Zayn Malik. It’s the short masculine buzz cut that brings out his face shape and facial features. Many famous celebrities rock this style but actually it suits not everyone. Zayn Malik looks very handsome in this haircuts. He has combined it with shadow beards which are great combinations for buzz cuts.

2016 Men’s Winter Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to winter hairstyles men usually think of styles which are low-maintenance or comfy for the cold season. If you are looking for the latest trends then I will offer such hairstyles which won’t be ruined by the wind once you step out the door. You will keep your fashionable look even when it’s windy, snowy or rainy. So, check out these winter hairstyles ideas for 2016.winter hairstyles for men 2016Fringe Hairstyle for Men

Playful, youthful and shaggy fringe hairstyles tell that you are in your cool style no matter what. Fringe hairstyles are ideal for men who have large forehead or long face shapes. Due to bangs you can easily change your facial expression and face structure, of course, visually. On the other hand bangs don’t look pleasing with round or square face shapes.

Men’s Classy Hairstyles from Giorgio Armani SS 2016

It goes without saying that when a fashion industry celebrates its anniversary it shows off its latest best collection. These days we have seen the beautiful collection of Giorgio Armani SS 2016 which was devoted to its 40th anniversary. Emporia Armani sent on the catwalk handsome guys in trendy sportswear and classy suits which were so beautifully matched with short and medium haircuts in various hairstyles. Here are collected the most astounding men’s hairstyles from Giorgio Armani SS 2016 which are mainly in the delightful classic style. Mixing the sporty and the classy the designer has achieved cool looks completed with stylish hairstyles and accessories. Let’s have a look at some of them!
Giorgio Armani ss 2016 men hairstyles 2016Slicked Back Hairstyle for Men

Slicked back hairstyles are everywhere and they are the favorite hairdos of young elegant men who want to showcase their beautiful and attractive facial features. Slicked back hairstyles are suitable for thick hair as your locks become sleek and if it’s thin then the look will not be pleasing. So, wear slicked back hairstyles on short or medium thick haircuts.

Celebrity Short Beard Styles for 2016

Men with and without beards look quite different. Even the shortest beard can change your look making it more attractive. Original and masculine. However not everyone looks better with beards. Sometimes it’s better to keep the face out of hair and actually the cleaner the face the more beautiful will be the look. But today we are here to represent you the seductive guts in perfect beard styles which make them look even more attractive and engaging. Since we often take examples from stylish celebrities this time you will see short beard styles for 2016 from Hollywood stars. So, let’s get started!short beards for men 2016Zac Efron Short Beard Style

With or without beard Zac is always so inspiring. He wears such trendy hairstyles that we hardly notice the rest of changes in his look. However when he appears with short beard styles his female fans go crazy about his super masculine look. He is so attractive and fashionable in this neat beard combined with classy mustaches which complement the short sleek hairstyle.