Male Celebrities with Long Hair

Though it’s a fact that men have less hair changing opportunities than women and women usually appear with various hairdos there are some famous male celebrities who like to experiment with different hairstyles time to time. Today we will speak about the best and the most fashionable long hairstyles of male celebrities. Here they are!celebrity men long hairstyles 2016Christian Bale Long Layered Hair

Layered haircuts are popular not only among women but also among men. These are stylish and suitable haircuts for medium and long locks. Here you see Christian Bale with long layered hair. He has combined it with beard to have that classy and super masculine look.

Coolest Hairstyles with Full Beards 2016

Haircut speak a lot about a man. The style you choose for you hair and match I with your beard tells us how familiar you are with the fashion world and what you know about the right matching of hairstyles with beards. If you have full beards and haven’t discovered the best haircuts for it yet then this article is for you. Have a look at this collection of the coolest hairstyles with full beards for 2016. Full beards are trendy but one should also match it with a trendy haircut or hairstyle. So, let’s go!hairstyles with full beards 2016Undercut with Full Beards

Medium undercuts or the ones that are longer on the top part go well with full beards. Undercuts give guys the chance to experiment with different full beards. They are striking haircuts with short sides which provide the desired neat and clean look and therefore look good with facial hair. However it’s quite important to match the length of beard with top part hair length to get a well-balanced effect.

Black Men Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

Black men have variety of hair styling ideas due to their hair types. They are mainly frizzy, curly or messy. Today we will discuss some hot black men hairstyles for 2016. They are all trendy and offer you stylish solutions. Check out the following string of hairstyles and change your haircut into a better one in men hairstyles 2016Short Curls for Black Men

Black men with curly hair may need short haircuts time to time. Short curls are not only cozy but they also bring out your facial features. So, get rid of tiring and unruly curls and enjoy a new and fresh haircut. This classy hairstyle is very masculine and attractive for the majority of black men. It is great especially for hot summer months.

Perfect Shadow Beard Styles for Men 2016

Have you ever heard of the stunning shadow beard or the so called designer stubble? This is a popular beard style for men and it is the favorite style for many Hollywood stars. Many beard styles are back but the lovely shadow beard was always in style and continues to be super masculine beard look for the majority of stylish men. Here you will see some perfect shadow beard styles for 2016.shadow beard styles 2016Being a favorite beard style in Hollywood shadow beard is not that easy to maintain and style. It requires special care and is sometimes considered as an edgy style. It is short crop and need every-dare care. It tends to highlight your cheekbones and gives you a more handsome look.

Stylish Korean Men’s Hairstyle Ideas

Korean style is a unique one that differs from the rest. European hairstylists always take examples from Korean hairstyles and haircuts. They are stylish and beautiful at the same time. If your hair type is the same as Asian men ten check out these stylish Korean men’s hairstyles to try in 2016.  korean men hairstyles 2016Actually there are many haircuts and hairstyles for men out there but trendiest ones are worn by famous celebrities, TV personnel, singers and actors. As for Korean men we steal the best ideas of K POP stars, models and actors.

Latest Bold Hair Color Ideas for Men

While women find their inspiration in the subtle pastel hues men want to experiment with bolder and more striking hair colors. This tendency of wearing flashy and edgy hues on hair increases day by day and many more men try to look different, unique and glamorous with green, blue, pink, grey, and red and in any other shade that you see in hair color palette. bold hair colors for men 2016They like to combine their new hair colors with even more eye-catching hairstyles such as pompadours, spikes, Mohawks or undercuts. They do their best to showcase the fresh hair color in its best way. Though nowadays there are few cases when men dye their locks in these shades but since it is going to be very popular we have collected the latest bold hair colors for men to try in 2016.

2016 Men’s Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair

They say one’s appearance and style may speak more about him/her than his own way of representing himself/herself. So, hairstyle in this case plays a great role. They can showcase your way of thinking, taste and even character. For example we often differentiate between boys’ and men’s’ hairstyles. Why? Because men wear different hairstyles and younger boys prefer other styles. Today we will speak about the latest men’s short wavy haircuts for 2016.short wavy hairstyles for men 2016 While teenagers are welcome to grow their wavy locks out classy and elegant men seek for shorter haircuts to look more masculine and attractive. They have to be elegant and appealing at office and out in everyday life to highlight their personality.

Modern Bowl Haircuts for Men

In spite of the fact that bowl cuts are retro hairstyles they are popular nowadays and are represented with modern touches by professional hairstylist. Actually they are short bob haircuts that look better on straight hair. Bowl cuts are usually achieved by layered haircuts which start from the very top of hair. In this post you will see modern bowl haircuts for men and will be inspired by the 90’s big trend.bowl cuts for men 2016So, the majority of bowl cuts are voluminous on the top part and low faded on the sides and on the back, you can get bowl haircuts on your medium straight hair. It is perfect especially for thick locks however layered haircuts allow thin-haired men add visual thickness to their tresses to, therefore if you have fine medium hair you can refresh it with a stylish bowl haircut.

Hottest Feathered Hairstyles for Men 2016

Feathered hairstyles are subtle, airy and very cute hairdos both for men and women. Nowadays they are trendy hairstyles and are worn on different hair types. Men of all age groups used to wear feathered hairstyles in the 70’s. Since then many feathered hairstyles are created on medium to long haircuts.  Here are collected the hottest men’s feathered hairstyles for 2016 all of which have the so wanted modern touch in them. You can wear any of them without taking into account your age, hair color or even hair type.feathered hairstyles for men 2016The main aim of feathered hairstyles is to make your look more playful, beautiful and engaging. They grab attention due to their ethereal and cool nature. Besides feathered hairstyles are trendy and they look too stylish.

Men’s Medium Shaggy Hairstyles for 2016

Many men love to wear messy hairstyles. One of the main reasons is the shaggy hairstyles are eye-catching and make them stand out from the crowd. Since shag is a trend today I will represent the best men’s medium shaggy hairstyles for 2016.  I will show you how beautiful shaggy haircuts and hairstyles re for stylish men who have mid-length hair. Keep on reading to learn some trendy hair styling ideas for 2016.medium shaggy hairstyles for men 2016Shaggy Layered Medium Haircut for Men

It’s not a secret that the best messy looks are achieved due to layered cuts. They are great for medium hair and look better with side parted styles. In order to keep the attractiveness of your medium haircut you need to go for a tousled and a messy a style. If you have naturally wavy hair you will get the desired effect easier and quicker than those with straight hair.