2016 Hair Color Trends for Men

Dying hair is a good way to change your look as well as to refresh your hairstyle. Nowadays this is popular not only among women but also among stylish men who often do experiments in their appearance. However it is not always necessary to change your entire hair color. You can even add some cool highlights which can also provide you with a big difference. Today’s article is devoted to the trendiest men’s hair colors for 2016.hair colors for men 2016Hair Highlights for Men

Let’s start from the simplest hair color transformation. It’s the technique of adding cute hues that we call highlights in the world of fashion. According to your current hair color you can go either for dark or light highlights. Whatever you choose you should match it with your skin tone, eye color and of course, base hair color.

Coolest Male Hairstyle Ideas for Thick Wavy Hair 2016

Do you have luscious thick and wavy hair? It’s a blessing, because not everyone has the chance to rock as many hairstyles as thick-haired men. There are some cool men’s thick wavy hairstyles for 2016 which prove that this type is easy to style and looks very beautiful.thick wavy hairstyles for men 2016Layered Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Any great hairstyle starts with a cool haircut. Layered cuts make hair look more voluminous and playful. The wavy top part with layers and with a cute fringe is all you need to go for various hairstyles. Actually layered haircuts are good for any type of hair but they really make a sophisticated image for wavy hair. So, the first choice for you is the medium layered haircut.

Men’s Straight Hairstyles for 2016

If you are a man who looks for cool straight hairstyles for his hair then you are in the right place. What I am going to offer you today is all about men’s straight hairstyles for 2016. Here you will find the most fashionable straight hairstyles ideas. straight hairstyles for men 2016First of all you should know the advantages and disadvantages of your hair type and then decide which hairstyles can work with it. The best thing about straight hair is that you can style it in any way you like from way, curly to shaggy and messy.

2016 Trendy Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Mohawk or the popular faux hawk is a trendy hairstyle among both genders. However it is considered as an edgy hairstyle and people who wear it differ from the rest with their cool look and stand out from the crowd. This style is generally achieved on medium or long undercuts which provide enough hair length on the top part to style. In this article you will see several excellent options of men’s Mohawk hairstyles for 2016. mohawk hairstyles for men 2016They all are fashionable and are created special for different types of hair. These types of undercuts are usually too short or even shaved on the sides and keep the top part quite long. The top part hair, in its turn, is styled upward. Since undercuts are so popular in 2016 you may often go for this hairdo for special occasions because it is not a casual and a common hairstyle. You may spend some time to get the desired effect.

Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles for Men 2016

Today I would like to share with you’re the trendiest men’s hairstyles for 2016. Here are top 10 hairstyles that are trendy for 2016 and look very beautiful. They highlight the masculinity and add more charm to any man who opts for one of the following options. If you are thinking of cool hairstyles to try for this year then don’t waste your time and discover the most fashionable hairstyles right here.men's hairstyles for 2016Short Side Combed Hairstyle for Men

One of the classiest hairstyles that men wear is the short side combed hairstyle. It is very masculine and elegant. Actually this style is for business men who wish to have a neat and trendy look. It goes with classy suits and accessories.

2016 Men’s Mid-Length Undercut Hairstyles

It’s the high time to clean up your haircut with a new and fresh style. What about the trendy undercut? This is the most favorite haircut for the majority of men who have thick hair. It doesn’t ask hair type and all you need to go for a cool undercut medium hair. Here we have collected the best men’s mid-length undercut hairstyles for 2016. Find your new hair styling inspiration.medium undercuts for men 2016Medium Curly Undercut for Men

My stylish men who rock lovely curly hair are welcome to make it more masculine with undercuts. I know you love your curls and don’t want to get rid of them that’s why I offer you to keep the top part in its mid-length and go for short side parts. If you like you can even shave the sides to have the desired contrast between the soft top part and harsh sides. It will break down the softness and subtleness of your hair and will add extra masculinity.

Men’s Street Style Hairstyles for 2016

The relaxed and a bit carefree street style always captures many hearts. It’s cozy, fashionable and allows you to express your own taste and preferences freely. There are no limits in street style that can restrict you from wearing this or that look but men who follow the rules of fashion try to be in a trendy street style appearance. When you combine everything professionally and pay attention to every single detail you look more attractive and stylish. Today we’ll speak about the latest men’s street style hair trends for 2016. If this is your favorite style and you rock it often then keep on reading.street style hairstyles for men 2016Spiky Hairstyle for Men

Since street style haircuts are generally in mid-length many like to wear the trendy spikes. They are eye-catching and make hair look prettier. This super masculine hairstyle is now copied by brave women but actually it has a kind of harshness in it which speaks about its boyish nature. You can match spiky hairstyles with your street style outfits and accessories and have the perfect casual look.

Cool Male Celebrity Medium Hairstyles

Do you have medium hair? Would you like to style it in new and stylish ways? Copy the following cool male celebrity medium hairstyles and bring out your handsome look. These Hollywood stars know how to sparkle both on casual and special days with their stunning hairstyles. Have a look at them and find your inspiration!celebrity medium hairstyles for men 2016Liam Payne Medium Layered Haircut

Here you see our gorgeous Liam Payne in a medium layered haircut. It suits him very much and compliments his face shape. This haircut is great one to be chosen both by straight and curly-haired guys who want to refresh their hairstyle. Layered haircuts will give you many more opportunities for trendy hairstyles like shaggy or messy, voluminous wavy and super straight. You can show off the structure of your cool haircut in many trendy hairstyles.

Men’s Skin Fade Pompadour Hairstyles for 2016

Taking into account the fact that fade haircuts are very popular among men and they are often combined with stylish pompadours we have decided to devote a special article to this topic. Today we’ll discuss the most popular men’s skin fade pompadour hairstyles for 2016. skin fade pompadour hairstyles for men 2016Everywhere men look for the fashionable razor fade pompadour hairstyles which go with their face shape and facial features. There many videos on YouTube that show how to get the perfect skin fade haircut. Actually it is a type of fade that provides you with a clean hairstyle and is sometimes shaved at the lower parts of hair.

2016 Classy Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

Comb over hairstyles are among the classiest and the most elegant hairdos for men. They are very neat and grab attention with their high-shine and clean effect. The best thing about this style is that it works with millions of haircuts from fades to undercuts and from short to medium haircuts. Here we are going to represent you the best classy comb over hairstyles for 2016.  Since they are trendy you are welcome to copy the coolest options for your hair type in 2016.comb over hairstyles for men 2016Comb over is considered as a timeless hairstyle for men. There are two popular ways to style a perfect comb over hairdo. The first one is a quite neat style achieved by hair products and with smooth and gentle combing to one side.