Slicked Back Hairstyle Trend for Men 2016

If you can leave your top part hair grow out then you are welcome to rock it in various ways. The trendy slicked back hairstyles for 2016 are the hottest and the coolest versions of vintage inspired and formal hairdos. This is one of the most long lasting trends in the fashion world and seems to be on the top lists of the upcoming years. Here are some great examples of slicked back hairstyles which you can try in 2016.slicked back hairstyles for men 2016Wavy Slicked Back Hairstyle

Naturally wavy hair sometimes needs simple hair products to look more beautiful. It is not always necessary to dry blow or straighten it to make look better. Natural waves can add more volume to your hairstyle and can grab attention. So, keep the top part full of waves and cut the sides. Apply hair gel and comb all back. Leave it the way it is and sometimes comb back with fingers.

Curly Hairstyles for Men 2016

There are different types of hair and curly-haired guys look very eye-catching. However they often need to update their haircut to look stylish. Not every curly hairstyle is trendy and beautiful. There are several astounding men’s curly hairstyles for 2016 which are hot and come in many fashionable cuts.curly hairstyles for men 2016 These are versatile hairstyles with many hair styling ideas and options. Since each man has u unique style of curly hair he is supposed to enhance its beauty and attractiveness. Perhaps there are men who have straight or wavy hair and want to curl it beautiful, so these examples will help them find the most suitable style for their locks.

7 Short Haircut Ideas for Men 2016

Short haircuts are always in thing and they are the most masculine hairstyles all over the world. Though there are various short cuts for men but we have collected the best 7 man’s short haircuts for 2016.short haircuts for men 2016Short Buzz Cut for Men

Men who are looking for a trendy army haircut or for a too short low maintenance hairstyle can pick the short buzz cut. It is a cozy and very masculine haircut for any man. It gives you a cleaner and tidier look and doesn’t require much time to be styled properly. It is a simple yet very stylish cut to wear in 2016.

2016 Trendy Medium Haircuts for Men

The majority of men like short haircuts but there are trendy medium male haircuts for 2016 that suit special types of hair and face shapes. Actually medium hairstyles are more versatile for men than short cuts and they give more hair styling opportunities. These hairstyles and haircuts tend to change your look entirely and gift you another stylish appearance. Whether you want a classy style or a carefree shag hairstyle you can get different medium hairdos.  Here are collected the latest medium hairstyles for men between which you can choose the option that works with your hair type.medium haircuts for men 2016Layered Medium Haircut for Men

Among so many medium cuts layered haircuts are the trendiest ones. They are achieved both on straight and curly hair and tend to add a touch of elegancy. Medium layered cuts give you countless ideas on how to style your locks. Layers are perfect especially for men who have fine straight hair and need to make it a bit voluminous.