New Caesar Haircuts You Can Try in 2018

Men’s Caesar haircut is always trendy. This crop features short, horizontally cut straight bangs. The bangs are the first thing that grab our attention about Caesar cut plus they don’t make the receding hairline pop up. When it comes to the strands on the side, they can be either short or at the same length as fringe. This short crop is the greatest option for men who love keeping it short and neat. Indeed, there are so many advantages of rocking Caesar crop. Have a look at these new Caesar haircuts for men in 2018 and create your own version of the crop.Caesar haircutShort Caesar Haircut

As you can see this modern Caesar haircut is cut quite short. The fringe worn down the forehead is quite textured. It is an affordable style that can be achieved by everyone. If you want to get the same effect, you should use hair products. Play up with your texture using your fingers. However, it is a traditional Caesar that features short sides and short bangs. Opt for this style, if you are looking for a low-maintenance crop.

Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Guys? Are you still in search for the best hairstyles for summer? No need to go further because today we have compiled summer hairstyles ideas for men. I am sure after checking these pictures you will have something to ask for your next appointment. Some of these styles are quite bold while others simple and less catchy. Whether you are looking for a simple or edgy haircut, some of these styles may just be appropriate for you. If you are ready, let’s start!mens hairstylesCombover Hairstyle for Mature Men

You think there is nothing better than a simple and classy combover hairstyle? Consider this option!  It doesn’t require any special styling, you just need to comb your hair to the side and make your black and grey color blend more vivid. There is nothing extreme about this style. In case if you want to get it sleeker, make sure to use hair pomade. Show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same groomed look.

2017/2018 Men’s Braided Bun Hairstyles

When you have grown out tresses, you need to find an easy going and polished hairstyle to keep everything under control. It is not an easy task to grow out the locks but if you are lucky enough to have long tresses, try to find the best styling options to show off your beautiful mane. It is not a secret that the braids are widely popular among ladies, but who could imagine that these patterns will become men’s favorite styling elements too. It is possible to achieve various hairstyles using different types of braids. We have rounded up with some of our favorite men’s braided bun hairstyles for 2017/2018.  Read on to find more!Braided Bun for Short HairBraided Hairstyle from Bottom to Top

It is an unusual solution for bold men who are seeking for attention. From this look it becomes clear, that it is not necessary to have super long mane to rock a braided hairstyle. V-shaped braided style, makes the undercut more vivid. Indeed, it is a catchy bun style that can be tried by all brave-heart men out there.

Fresh Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2017

If you are searching for fresh hairstyle ideas for men in 2017, look no further. These hairstyles feature the latest trends that are low-maintenance. Luckily, they can be adopted by men with different hair types and textures. Men are always searching for no-maintenance hair looks, so here they can really find something that is low-maintenance but they are in high style. Just go on reading to discover the cool hairdos that I have compiled for you. Let’s hope you will have something to ask for your next appointment.Fresh Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2017Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Those who have thick mane, should consider this trending style. It features multitude layers throughout the strands give hair some shape and makes the styling easy. The extra length at the hairline enhance the texture of the strands. Undoubtedly, it is a chic headdress that is worth trying. Keep in your mind that the trendiest hairstyles have short sides and long top.

Stylish Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2017

Why should you worry about your receding hairline or thinning hair when there are numerous hairstyle solutions to solve these problems? A right chosen haircut has a power to minimize the appearance of receding hairline and thinning hair at the top of your head. Here we have compiled some stylish hairstyles for balding men in 2017. These hairstyles involve classic crops that are still on trend. Faded and undercut hairstyles are also fantastic options. Whether you are balding or not, have a look at these pictures and pick something suitable for you.Stylish Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2017Slicked Back Hairstyle

We were talking about classic crops? Here is the best classic cut for men with thinning hair. The faded sides make the hair on the top appear thicker. As you can see this slicked back hairstyle is pretty much flattering on thinning hair. Well, to achieve the following look, use some hair pomade but don’t try to overdo it. Thick beard is another option to draw attention away from thinning hair.

Newest Short Hairstyles for Men

It is not common for guys any more to stick with the same hairstyle for a quite long time. Why not? Try a fresh crop every month and change up your overall look with the help of a stylish cut. Here you can see some amazing short hairstyles for men who love to stand out with their unique style. Regardless of whether you have thick, thin, straight or curly, most of these hairstyles will work for you. We recommend finding a professional barber to achieve one of these amazing styles. If you are ready, let’s start!Newest Short Hairstyles for MenSide Fade Haircut

When it comes to short hairstyles, most of them are no-maintenance and effortless. Here is one of the best examples. It features a side fade and perfectly groomed line-up. These straight lines make this crop trendy and stylish. As it is a quite short cut you don’t have to style it at all. It is a fantastic option for guys who are not interested in everyday hair styling.

Bold Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2017

Having a bold hairstyle means being willing to go for an edgy hair color or haircut without fears. Here we have compiled men’s boldest hairstyle ideas in 2017 using Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration. Everyone already knows that the latest trends come from Instagram so these following trends also found their place on Instagram. Well, if you are ready to go for the biggest transformation ever, let’s start without wasting our time. Get ready to make a fashion statement with the help of one of these cool hairstyles.Bold Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2017Opal Hair Color

If you have thought that opal hair color trend is only for females, think twice. This model rocks opal hair color with a cool undercut. Disconnection between hair lengths creates a bold yet masculine effect. The hair at the crown is long enough to comb back and give it a classic touch. No doubt this headdress has been created according to the latest standards.

Popular Celebrities’ Short Haircuts for 2017


I don’t know why but short hairstyles have a reputation of being bored. Today we are going to break this stereotype and show you off the best short hairstyles by celebrities in 2017. Years ago men used to go for the same short crop but nowadays they are so versatile that is impossible to stick with same style all the time. Highlights, undercuts or surprising colors are used to add some interest in variety of short crops. Keep in your mind that you should always pay attention to small details. Now check up these celebs’ pictures!Popular Celebrities' Short Haircuts for 2017Chestnut Spiky Hairstyle

It is Robert Downey Jr. rocking a masculine short haircut. His locks have a high comb along the sides that are brushed back. When it comes to the hair at the top, it is styled up and texture added by twisting small sections of hair. This hairstyle is paired with thin beard line and moustache. Now you can see that this look has nothing to do with boring styles.

Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men 2017

Medium-length hair can be worn in numerous styles- messy, neat, up, down and etc. More length provides more styling ideas. It seems that only short cuts are low-maintenance but actually it is optional. A fantastic haircut with shorter sides and longer top may last longer than any other cut. Here you will see medium-length hairstyles for men 2017 that are simply eye-catching. Some of them are paired with fades or tapers but they don’t require regular touchups. Just go on reading to find your next haircut between these models.Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men 2017Comb Over with Taper Fade

No doubt, it is the trendiest haircut that one may try out. It features a deep parting and taper fade at the sides. Plenty of volume is achieved by sweeping the locks aside in a messy pattern. It goes without saying that medium-length of the locks also promotes for extra volume. Match the style with thick disconnected beard and you will definitely rock.

Classic Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Modern men love to look classic and elegant. Well, since it is 2017 we are not going to see boring and plain hairstyles. Nowadays men’s hair fashion is a step higher and we are just glad to see the progress in this industry. Men’s classic hairstyle trends feature side sections, spikes, short and neat cuts, fades, undercuts, combed back styles and etc. However, any of these hairstyles should be chosen according to one’s face shape. Although Most of these hairstyles flatter almost all hair textures and faces. Go on reading to see some impressive styles.Classic Hairstyle Ideas for MenSweep Back with High Fade

Looking for a formal style? Consider this option. It is one of the most popular classic styles that men love to pull off. This headdress features a high fade and sweep back styling. To copy this incredible style, opt for strong hold hair products for a better effect. However the style is neither super slick nor messy. It is an excellent idea f or businessman.