Fishtail Braids Hairstyles for Men 2017

Fishtail braids are the trendiest hairstyles among females, but who would think that men also will adopt these braids. If you have grown out your locks and you don’t know how to keep them out of your face, check out these fishtail brads hairstyles for men 2017. You can pick your favorite fishtail braid and personalize it to your own taste. In case if you are looking for a creative style, consider mixing different textures-fishtails look pretty cool with French braids. Let’s have a look at these pictures and get inspired from.Fishtail Braids Hairstyles for Men 2017Urban Fishtail Braids

This is a simple look that entails creating a few braids that rest casually against the shoulders. To replicate this look, you will need to have medium-length hair. Well, it is not an easy task to grow the locks. Even long hair requires some care to look healthy. Just go with these urban fishtail braids and you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Latest Long Hairstyles for Men 2017

Modern hairstyles for men with long locks feature ponytails and buns. These hairstyles for men are simply irresistible as they keep the strands out of the face. Here we have compiled the latest long hairstyles for men 2017 to encourage you to grow out your locks. Here you will see everything from crazy updos to medium-length hairstyles that are swept back for a mannish touch. You will also meet some long styles with undercuts and clean cuts. Don’t waste even a minute, just check out these pictures for the best idea on how you can style your long hair.Latest Long Hairstyles for Men 2017Curly High Top Fade

This style of high top fade is particularly popular among Afro-American men but guys of other ethnicities also try to copy it. The lovely curls look great particularly when combined with a mid bald fade. They are styled in a carefree and disheveled style which adds an extra charm to the look. Note that the sides and the forehead have been lined up for a neat and clean finish.

Men’s Trending Hairstyles for 2017

If you are looking for the most flattering haircuts for men, check out these latest hair trends. Whether you are a long or short haired man, these headdresses are for you as they look stunning on everyone and don’t require special effort to pull off. Consider mixing various hairstyles on top with your favorite style at the back and sides, go for fades, undercuts and etc. Just have a look these 2017 trending haircuts for men and you will definitely get inspired from. Don’t forget that everyone can pull off these lovely hairdos.Men’s Trending Hairstyles for 2017Textured Slick Back Style

Probably you have already noticed that this year the textured hairstyles dominant. Nowadays styling the strands became easier than ever. So, all you have to do is to rub some product between palms and work it through dry hair with fingers and everything is ready. It will take 5 minutes to have a headdress like this.

Men’s Ringlet Hairstyles for 2017

Men rocking their natural ringlets look sexy and stylish. It is not a secret that curls have made their way back in hair industry. Modern guys proudly embrace their natural texture. If you are not blessed with natural ringlets, don’t worry as even naturally straight hair owners can be transformed into a curly head. Below we have represented some men’s curly hairstyles for 2017 that will definitely turn the heads anywhere you go. The best thing is that you can combine your ringlets with stylish elements to make your headdress even more detailed. Men’s Ringlet Hairstyles for 2017Long Textured Curls

This hairstyle reminds us of models from catwalks, so it makes a great option for fashion forward men. It is an ideal headdress for guys who want to stay away from everyday boring and plain hairstyles and instead embrace their natural texture and ringlet. To get some volume, use anti frizz products with some hold and then with the help of hair tools dry your locks.

2017 Creative Bun Hairstyles for Men

Creative men’s buns are getting evolved day by day. More and more runway models and red carpet actors are being spotted with enthusiastic buns. So what is a man bun? It is a masculine twist on the female bun. The bun can be worn either on the top of the head or at the nape of the neck. It can be created by pulling the strands back and twisting into a bun style. If a simple bun is not enough for you, go for razor patterns. Have a look at these men bun hairstyles for 2017.2017 Creative Bun Hairstyles for MenMan Bun with Fade Line Up

It is a traditional men bun style combined with shaved sides. Well, it is an excellent method to take a regular bun style to a whole new level. You can use some hair products to make your locks smooth and out of flyaway strands. Long and thick beards are also trendy, so you have a chance to grow out your facial hair to complement the overall appearance.   

Men’s Trendy Hairstyles for Spring 2017

After several days we are going to say goodbye to winter cold months and welcome warm spring days. It is the best moment to change the rules of the game and sport a new haircut. This spring we are going to see lots of short cuts with interesting patterns, long hairstyles, fringes, slicked back looks and etc. Check out this list of men’s trendy hairstyles for spring 2017 and find your signature style among these looks.Mens Trendy Hairstyles for Spring 2017Short Haircut with Fringe

This short haircut features two different lengths to create a catwalk inspired style. The fringe creates a high-fashion look that is simply irresistible. Therefore the messy styling and various layers throughout the locks tend to add extra dimension. If you are willing to take on this style while combining it with casual outfits then you can make sure of a statement making hairstyle. Everyone would love to adopt this perfect look.

Hairstyle Ideas by Mariano Di Vaio

Fashion influencer, actor and founder of “Nohow” clothing brand Mariano Di Viao is a huge source of inspiration for males that look for the latest trends. He has more than 5.4 millions followers on Instagram. This Italian model loves to be trendy and sometimes he uploads some videos where he teaches his followers how to get a perfect hairstyle. Well, today we have decided to do our own research and represent you some iconic hairstyles by Mariano Di Vaio. Probably here you will find some new ideas for your next hairstyle transformation.Hairstyle Ideas by Mariano Di VaioQuiff Hairstyle

Quiffs are probably among the most popular hairstyles of Mariano. His medium hair length allows him to experiment with various quiff styles. A simple quiff accentuates a messy look with plenty of texture and length. You can easily achieve Mariano’s this look by using your blow-dryer and hair wax. With some simple movements you can get a chic style like this.

Men’s Top Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Well, sometimes choosing a right hairstyle for a man is a big deal. While choosing a right haircut you should keep in your mind that it is preferable to choose something easy manageable, since there are not many men who will be ready to spend lots of time in front of the mirror to style their locks. But it is crucial to pick something according to your facial features. Here I have some cool 2017 hairstyle trends for men to give you ideas on how you can stay trendy in 2017 as well.Top Hairstyle Trends for Men for 2017Buzz Haircut

Short hairstyles for men are the most requested ones and the buzz is definitely the shortest. If you love hairstyles that take less type to style then you should definitely opt for it. It flatters square oval face shapes but looks nice on round faces as well. Try to keep a little bit length on the top for a better effect. Keep in your mind that buzz cut is not only for men with thinning hair.

2017 Men’s Classic Hairstyles with Modern Twists

In 2016 we could see that many retro hairstyles made their come back, the same is going to happen in 2017. Slick styles, pompadours and fringes are here to stay. Now many of these headdresses are being worn with flattering undercuts and faded sides or matte product and long top. If you love retro hairstyles, but you want to spice them up with some modern twists, here are men’s cool classic hairstyles for 2017 that have been updated with modern elements. Have a look and get inspired from.2017 Men’s Classic Hairstyles with Modern TwistsMedium-Length Haircut

This classic medium-length haircut can be styled slick or messy based on your preferences. With a headdress like this you can take your waves to a top notch. Here the strands are styled in a messy pattern that is groomed back while the locks on the top are left in loose waves to add some volume and texture. Note that the fringe enhances the overall appearance of the locks.

Best Textured Hairstyles for Men 2017

Texture cuts add some definition and volume that can be enhanced with styling. The haircut is the most important thing that will either destroy or enhance your overall appearance. In case if you have short hair, try a messy crop while the spikes work for any length. The textured locks add some modern twist to classic hairstyles too. If you have natural curls texture don’t even try to hide it since the latest trends are all about showing off natural texture. Textured cuts are also a great way to remove bulk from thick hair. Here are the best textured hairstyles for men 2017.Best Textured Hairstyles for Men 2017Textured Pompadour

Here is a textured pompadour that looks stylish and trendy. The strands are given a lovely trim with shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on the top. The locks are combed back to create a pompadour-like design. The sideburns are connected with beard that is well groomed. To achieve this style you can use some hair products.