Popular Celebrities’ Short Haircuts for 2017


I don’t know why but short hairstyles have a reputation of being bored. Today we are going to break this stereotype and show you off the best short hairstyles by celebrities in 2017. Years ago men used to go for the same short crop but nowadays they are so versatile that is impossible to stick with same style all the time. Highlights, undercuts or surprising colors are used to add some interest in variety of short crops. Keep in your mind that you should always pay attention to small details. Now check up these celebs’ pictures!Popular Celebrities' Short Haircuts for 2017Chestnut Spiky Hairstyle

It is Robert Downey Jr. rocking a masculine short haircut. His locks have a high comb along the sides that are brushed back. When it comes to the hair at the top, it is styled up and texture added by twisting small sections of hair. This hairstyle is paired with thin beard line and moustache. Now you can see that this look has nothing to do with boring styles.Chestnut Spiky HairstyleShort and Neat Style

What about handsome James McAvoy’s style? His hair has the same hair length all around the head, the biscuit brown and honey blonde strands have been spiced up with a hint of grey for cool vibes. The style is finished by the small wave over the forehead. This small pattern adds some interest to the style. Everyone can opt for this style.Short and Neat StyleClipped Cut in Walnut Brown

Everyone will admit that it is the sexiest styles of Tom Hardy. His hair looks pretty stylish in close clipped do. The hair has been roughly brushed back and to the side. This walnut brown hair color flatters his olive skin tone and works really well with the hairstyle. Just grown out beard adds a sophisticated touch to the look. With a classic outfit, complete this style.Clipped Cut in Walnut BrownSpiky Haircut

Colin Farrell’s is given some texture with scissor cut. The espresso brown hair is styled in effortless spiky look. Everyone can create this celebrity inspired spiky look. It is all about applying hair gel and working with fingers throughout the locks. This hairstyle brings out his amazing face shape too. It is a sporty look but can be worn formally too.Spiky HaircutTeased Short Haircut

Here is another effortless style for men who prefer keeping things short and neat. This style is offered by our favorite Hollywood Star Bradley Cooper. His hair has been styled to give a tight tousled feel that still looks straightforward. When it comes to the color, it is colored to deep brown shade. Brown palette is the best option for Cooper’s complexion.Teased Short HaircutBuzz Haircut

There is nothing better than a buzz cut. It looks different on everyone depended on bone structure and face shape. Nick Jonas’s opted for a low-maintenance short razor cut that shows off his scalp. This style is a fabulous option for busy men that don’t have time to style their hair. However note that the deep color looks pretty cool against his skin tone.Buzz Haircut



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