Short Haircuts for Guys in 2018

Men’s short hairstyles are still in the center of attention. No wonder, men prefer short styles more than long ones. The stereotypes like short hairstyles don’t provide with many styling options is not true. Numerous times we have proved that short styles also can be versatile. In case if you are a teenage boy or young guy, check these amazing short hairstyles for guys in 2018 for your ultimate inspiration. You have an opportunity to pop up with a new hair look. Short Crop and High Fade

Short crop and high fade combination is one of men’s favorite styles. Here is a look where the hair has been trimmed and cut close to the hairline. This hairstyle looks absolutely amazing with disconnected beard. No need to have it super thick as thin beards are amazing too. It’s a trendy hairstyle option for all those that prefer to keep things neat and well groomed.Well-groomed Short Hairstyle

Having a well-groomed short hairstyle is great for all those business guys out there. Getting a cut is crucial so make sure to ask your barber for a crop like this. When it comes to styling, it’s all about hair gels. Apply a generous amount of hair gels and use your comb to give your strands a shape like this. Classic styles are always in mainstream so this one is not an exception too.Spiky Textured Crop

Textured haircuts are highly in mainstream. The following textured crop features an asymmetrical cut fringe and messed up hair on crown part. As you can see soft texture on top is perfectly blended into the high fade. This haircut is created by spiking up the hair on top. You can create spikes with the help of your fingers and fix with hair gels.  Short Textured Haircut

Short textured hairstyles are versatile and here is one of the best styles. It’s an absolutely no-maintenance hairstyle that can be achieved within a minute. You don’t need any hair product or tool to recreate the style, instead you can play with your fingers. However, there are some important things to consider and first is that you should get the exact crop. And it entails some layers.Short Quiff High Fade

Quiffs came to stay and we love it. A guy in the pictures wears one of the trendiest quiff styles. This cool hairstyle is great to wear both casually and formally. As you can see short doesn’t mean something close to scalp. You can keep some length on top for different hairstyles.



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