Side Part Haircuts for Men 2017

There is something irresistible about men’s side parted haircuts for 2017.  These hairstyles give them a refined look. Perhaps this is the main thing that makes many men include it into the list of the best ones. However this haircut flatters almost all skin complexions and works well for all occasions. All gentlemen out there should use their chance to experiment with this neat and classy cut. If you are seeking for some ideas to make it a part of your style, you need to check out this gallery, since you may find something that will impress you.Side Part Haircuts for Men 2017Upswept Waves with Side Part

This is a typical retro inspired hairdo that has been styled using a generous amount of hair gels. However, compared with other vintage hairstyles this one has a modern touch that makes it even more sophisticated. It requires sweeping the wavy locks on the crown slightly. When it comes to the cut, you will need to ask your barber to create a disconnected look with the help of a hard side part.Upswept Waves with Side PartBrush Back and Skin Fade

If you choose this hairstyle, it will mean you have something to show off such as meaningful tattoo designs. The sides have neat razor lines that make it possible to style the feathered locks. The styling is super simple since you will need to comb them back in delicate layers. Let’s not forget about a skin fade on the sides and back that enhance the overall look.Brush Back and Skin fadeSide Part for Older Men

I have already mentioned that everyone can wear side parted hairstyle and it doesn’t require any age restrictions. However in this design the natural gray shade is the main thing that grabs attention. The strands have a gorgeous taper cut that maintains some length on the top of the head. To finish this style you will need to get a side part and brush the strands back.Side Part for Older MenTaper Elegance

By the way side parted hairstyle may help you to create an elegant look. The picture represented below proves my words. However it shouldn’t be a big problem for you to replicate this particular design. To get the gorgeous taper on the sides requires some skills and if you add a simple side part to complete the look. When it comes to styling, you will need to prepare some hair gels.Taper EleganceEffortless Comb Over

Any man can achieve this effortless headdress. It involves leaving some locks on the top of the head and giving the sides a taper fade. However ask you barber to create a razor line on the sides and comb over the locks on the top to form a fantastic side parted hairstyle.Effortless Comb Over



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