Slicked Back Hairstyle Trend for Men 2016

If you can leave your top part hair grow out then you are welcome to rock it in various ways. The trendy slicked back hairstyles for 2016 are the hottest and the coolest versions of vintage inspired and formal hairdos. This is one of the most long lasting trends in the fashion world and seems to be on the top lists of the upcoming years. Here are some great examples of slicked back hairstyles which you can try in 2016.slicked back hairstyles for men 2016Wavy Slicked Back Hairstyle

Naturally wavy hair sometimes needs simple hair products to look more beautiful. It is not always necessary to dry blow or straighten it to make look better. Natural waves can add more volume to your hairstyle and can grab attention. So, keep the top part full of waves and cut the sides. Apply hair gel and comb all back. Leave it the way it is and sometimes comb back with fingers.wavy slicked back hairstyle 2016Classy Slicked Back Hairstyleclassy slicked back hair 2016In order to achieve the simplest slicked back hairstyle you need to go for short sides and keep the top part long and straight. If you have wavy hair you can straighten this top part hair to give it a neater and smoother effect. This will also provide you with a classy look. Then you need to rub hair gel or any other hair styling product and comb all back. If you like you can comb it slightly to a side for a more fascinating result.slicked back hair man 2016Layered Slicked Back Hairstyle

Those who have thin hair and still want to keep it in a bit long and sassy style can go for layered cuts. Again you should keep the sides short and they can even be shaved. After this you can dry blow the top part layers to make them airy and a bit voluminous and then apply hair wax and comb back. Try to keep the volumized effect so that your slicked back style could be touchable.layered slicked back hair 2016Side Shaved Slicked Back Hairstyle

The tendency of wearing undercut or disconnected haircuts is increasing and becoming popular day by day. Today many stylish boys opt for this style to make a statement. Actually it’s a perfect style for cool slicked back hairstyles. Since the sides are shaved you just need to focus on the top part hair. Be it wavy or straight the effect will be quite neat and sleek in a backcombed style. undercut slicked back hair 2016Straight Slicked Back Hairstyle

Here is another example of a tidy slicked back hairstyle in a straight form. After rubbing hair gel on the top part hair you are supposed to comb it gently and smoothly so that the final result can be symmetrical and accurate. It’s simple, easy and quick to do.slicked back hairstyle 2016



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