Stylish Fade Hairstyles for Black Men for 2017

Creating a fade cut is a skillful and tough job that provides with a truly impressive design. No other cut will give you that fresh feel like the fades do. When it comes to black men, we all know that they are blessed with incredible kinky texture and it is pretty easy for them to create headdresses with different fades. 2017 black men’s fade hairstyles are different and creative. Most of them wear high fade but low fade and regular fade are also popular among Afro-American men. You may start with regular fade which is something between high and low fades. By the way tightly coiled natural hair looks gorgeous in high fade. Have a look at these pictures and make your decision!Stylish Fade Hairstyles for Black Men for 2017Clean Cut with Low Fade

Low faded hairstyles are great option for any Afro-American men particularly when the strands are cut close to give a super clean look on the sides. The low fade starts to taper somewhere near the eyebrow and not higher up on the head. What about the carved line?  It gives an extra pop to the style. With a skillful barber you will easily recreate this style.Clean Cut with Low FadeHigh Top Fade

Want to have that old school Pompadour look? Opt for this gorgeous design that involves high top that gets lower towards the back. This look is all about the shape and it can be a bit difficult to describe it. In case if you decide to adopt it, show this picture to your barber, so that he will know whether this headdress is good for your texture or not.High top FadeTemple and Nape Fade with Curls

There are so many ways to rock the fade! This curly fade is one of the best ways. Curls provide the height and volume on top without having the look of long strands. It is a popular style that is often done as a temple fade. Since black men are blessed with such curly texture it will be pretty easy for them to re-create this look. You don’t even need to use hair products to achieve it.Temple and Nape Fade with CurlsFade with Diagonal Lines

Use your creativity to get a unique and mind-blowing style. Of course it is also important to have a skilful barber that will be able to fulfill your desires. This particular design is all about your preferences. Diagonal stripping is cut into the upper part and the shaved side part separates the top from the faded sides. Facial hair is also groomed and shaped.Fade with Diagonal LinesCurly Afro Fade

Curly headed black men can really get a great style with a fade that allows the top of the hair to express itself through texture. With this statement making headdress you just need to wear a well-trimmed beard. So, if you like it, just don’t hesitate to wear it, even right now!Curly Afro Fade



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