Stylish Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2017

Why should you worry about your receding hairline or thinning hair when there are numerous hairstyle solutions to solve these problems? A right chosen haircut has a power to minimize the appearance of receding hairline and thinning hair at the top of your head. Here we have compiled some stylish hairstyles for balding men in 2017. These hairstyles involve classic crops that are still on trend. Faded and undercut hairstyles are also fantastic options. Whether you are balding or not, have a look at these pictures and pick something suitable for you.Stylish Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2017Slicked Back Hairstyle

We were talking about classic crops? Here is the best classic cut for men with thinning hair. The faded sides make the hair on the top appear thicker. As you can see this slicked back hairstyle is pretty much flattering on thinning hair. Well, to achieve the following look, use some hair pomade but don’t try to overdo it. Thick beard is another option to draw attention away from thinning hair.Slicked Back HairstyleComb Over Hairstyle

This modern crop comes from short sides and long top that is styled to the side for a comb over hair look. It is one of the most effortless yet stylish hairstyles that you can try out in the upcoming season. The style can be worn with fade too. If you are searching for the best hairstyle for your thinning hair or receding hairline, this is the best way to go with. Just try it and you will not regret.Comb Over HairstyleShort Pompadour

If you have thought that you can’t rock a pompadour hairstyle because of your thinning hair, have a look at this picture. The model is rocking a short pomp that is not only quite mannish but also eye-catching. You can achieve the look by combing it over and creating a small pompadour. This hairstyle works well with thinning hair at the top as well as at the receding temples.Short PompadourTextured Crop with Fringe

What about this option? It is a modern take on a Caesar cut. If you have a little bit length on the top, you can also try out the style. The textured crop and long bangs cover the receding hairline. This example proves that tousled styling on top works quite well with thinning hair. If you are young enough but you are facing hair loss, this is the coolest haircut for you.Textured Crop with FringeSpiky Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

Everyone will admit that men with these spikes look quite mannish and stunning. It is an easy style to recreate. All you need to do is to apply some hair product throughout your locks and by playing with your fingers create sharp spikes. The best hair products for these spikes are a salt spray, an alcohol-free gel or matte pomade. Spikes are good for any season of the year.Spiky Hairstyle for Thinning HairCrew Cut

Who said short haircuts look dull? Have a look this model! He rocks a modern crew cut that looks pretty flattering due to the shaved sides. To cover the bald spots, ask your barber to cut it close to your scalp. The shorter version will blend with thinner hair and make you forget about your thinning hair.Crew Cut



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