Top 5 Asian Men Hairstyles You Need to Copy in 2018

It goes without saying that Asian men are trendy and fashion-forward. They are inspiring for men living in different corners of the world. Asian men are blessed with textured and thick hair that allows them to sport various hairstyles including long, medium and short. Indeed, this is one of the reasons that they can rock any hairstyle they want. If you also want to look fresh and smart, check these top 5 Asian men hairstyles for 2018. I am pretty sure you will love the ideas we have included.Short and Spiky Hairstyle

Short Asian hairstyles are preferred among men that are not into styling and not ready to spend even a second on it. Here is a short Asian hairstyle that is both catchy and trendy. It requires applying some hair wax all over your hair and with the help of fingers give it a spiked-up look. It’s not as hard as you may imagine but indeed a right haircut is must.Two-Block Hairstyle

Two-block hairstyles feature the hair on the sides and back that are shaved or shortened. The crown hair can be short or medium it’s totally up to you. With longer hair on top may provide with more fabulous styling options. If you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, perhaps it will be better to go for short styles. I assure you, with this Asian-inspired hairstyle, you can never go wrong.Short Haircut with Diagonal Cut

You want to add some edge to your short hair, well do that with a diagonal cut across the forehead. This is another option that came to prove that short hair doesn’t mean boring or plain. The advantage of rocking this headdress is that it’s both low maintenance and doesn’t require special styling tools. Show this picture to your barber for a better idea on what you are exactly want.Short Textured Hairstyle

When it comes to Asian men styles, textured ‘dos are in. I have already mentioned that Asian men are blessed with good texture, so it’s a great way to rock a modern textured hairstyle. When you have a good texture, you don’t need to think about styling, simply let your locks natural and enjoy you up to date hairstyle.Short Textured HairstyleBold Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk is the boldest hairstyle that is popular both among men and women. The best thing about this headdress is that it can look fabulous on guys who have long or short hair on the sides. The most popular Mohawk look requires shaving the sides but if you are not ready for it, try the faux hawk version.Bold Mohawk Hairstyle



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