Top 5 Cool Men Hairstyles with Beard for 2018

When it comes to men’s appearance, hairstyle and beard are the most important patterns. It is not a secret that men’s hairstyles come in different lengths, so beards do. Anything that works with your natural texture and face shape, is created just for you. However, you are still going to see hairstyles with faded sides, bold Mohawks, and slicked back styles and they are going to look a lot better with long or short, thick or thin beard styles. Go on reading and find top 5 cool men hairstyles with beards for 2018men hairstyles with beardsPomp plus High Fade 

Here is a medium length pomp that is paired with a high fade and tapers down the skin for a style like this. Obviously, it is achieved with a right amount of hair products. It is a bold haircut that will make you stand out in the crowd. Groomed beard completes the look, giving this model a modern look. Just show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same style. Pomp plus High Fade High and Tight Hairstyle 

We have seen many males rocking high and tight hairstyles. High and tight haircut is a great hairstyle for men with natural wavy texture. It has some length on the top while the sides are cut short to draw attention to the top. But this style wouldn’t look so impressive without this thick beard. If you have naturally curly hair, don’t hesitate to adopt this style. High and Tight Hairstyle Slicked Back Hairstyle with Thick Beard 

What about this hairstyle? I have already mentioned that slicked back hairdos are in mainstream, so men prefer wearing this hairstyle both casually and formally. Super classic slicked back styles are being created with hair products, although there are less polished looks that can be created without products. Short sides will make this hairstyle even more interesting. 
slicked back hairstyle and thick beard
Medium Hair Full Beard 

If you are a trendsetter and you love to try different hairstyles, then this look is definitely for you as it will make you stand out in the crowd. It is a slicked back design that is created with some volume. The sideburns are connected with hair to make the look even more fashionable. However, this style is impressive due to the full beard.Medium Hair Full Beard Messy Bun Hairstyle and Beard 

I have seen nothing striking rather than a man bun and thick beard. If you are lucky enough to grow your hair to this length, then you shouldn’t miss your chance to rock an eye-catching bun style like this. Statement earrings and thick beard take the look a notch higher. men bun and beard



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