Trendsetting Long Hairstyles for Men

Men’s long hairstyles look hot and sexy when cared. There are so many long hairdos that can be pretty flattering for your long strands and some of them will not take more than a few minutes to style. Low or non maintenance hairstyles are top requirement dos for men. Long hairstyles look great when layered. In case if you decide to wear punk headdress, you should know that they are perfect on straight hair. Modern men prefer to switch up the hair color or add some smart highlights too. However you can always opt for hair products for better effect. Below I have selected some trendsetting long hairstyles for men that are pretty inspiring.Trendsetting Long Hairstyles for MenTwisted Bun

Perhaps the twisted bun is the most practical hairstyles for men with long mane. What can be easier and quicker than a simple headdress like a bun? The way to get is to create two loosely twisted sections that are joined into a low ponytail then turned in a quick sloppy knot. For a more relaxed look, let the tips of your strands stick out. However you don’t need to use hair products to achieve this look.Twisted BunLayered Style

Men’s long strands can definitely take a sophisticated and edgy look. Shoulder-length hair with subtle layers is a great option for those looking to go long. For styling you just need to use your fingers to sweep the strands back. However you can still grab attention with the help of your long and thick beard like this model. Just let your strands grow out!Layered StyleHighlighted Spirals

Spiral curls are pretty popular among females but recently we can see that they have gained popularity among men too. If you are graced with naturally tight and perfect curls, you have endless options for styling your strands. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to put effort at all. All you have to do is to use shampoos, conditioners and styling products.Highlighted SpiralsBraided Half up Half Down

If you don’t want to practice cornrow braids but you still want to experiment with braided hairstyles then go for simple ones. To replicate this model’s look you just need to create two simple plaits down the middle. This is an excellent way to keep your strands out of your face and at the same time have a fashionable look. So, if you like this style, consider growing your strands out.Braided Half up Half DownSleek Low Ponytail

This is probably the simplest and most elegant headdress for men with long hair. This style works the best on straight hair, so if you have natural curly hair you will need to use hair tools for straightening it up and only after that you can achieve this ponytail. You should also apply a small amount of hair gels for de-frizzing and taming short unruly wisps.Sleek Low ponytail



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