Trendy Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men 2017

Many celebrities find a slicked back hairstyle super appealing and prefer to wear it both casually and formally. It works for any age group and looks great particularly on medium-length straight hair. Anyway you can break the conservative touch of this hairstyle by pairing it with shaved sides and a unique color to make it your own style. Almost all modern hairstyles have shorter sides and longer top. To achieve a slicked back style you should use qualified hair products that work with your hair type. Now, feast your eyes on these trendy slicked back hairstyles for men for 2017 and get inspired from.Trendy Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men 2017Dark Sleeked Back Style

The first thing that grabs our attention is tattoos. They are pretty eye-catching and appealing. A perfectly sleeked back style allows this model to show off the tattoos that cover the part of the face. Anyway the back is also cropped in order not to hide anything. If you find this style cool and super trendy then don’t hesitate to adopt it since it will definitely make you stand out in the crowds.Dark Sleeked Back StyleSlicked Back Style for Black Men

Black men’s kinky and thick hair also allows them to go for slicked back styles. Well, in case if you have kinky and thick hair you will need to ask you stylist to blow dry your hair while wet to archive a smooth and straight look that has volume and shape. Make sure that you are using right hair products!Slicked Back Style for Black MenLong Slicked Back Style

Well medium-length hair also can be styled into a sleeked back style. Actually it is not a hard thing to learn to create a sleeked back style like this because you just need to start with wet hair and use some hair product to create hold. Like other sleeked designs this one is also all about hair products. Finish by combing back your strands to achieve your desired effect.Long Slicked Back StyleSleeked Back Hair with Undercut

Sleeked back hairstyles have been popular for decades. With the passage of time they have been evolved. In case if you are looking for a modern take on sleeked back hairstyles, then this option is definitely for you. It entails shaving the sides of the head and applying hair products to create a perfect sleeked back style. Anyway instead of sharp lines try incorporating sculptural curved edges.Sleeked Back Hair with UndercutHipster Style

Everything about this style is super bold. Well, colored medium-length strands on the top of the head draw lots of attention. The sides have been tapered to create some contrast between the lengths. Apart from a cool hairstyle, we can also see long thick beard which completes the overall appearance of the style.   Hipster Style



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