Variations of Buzz Cuts for Men 2017

Buzz cut has been used by military men, men who are experiencing bolding and men who want easy and low-maintenance style. Buzz cut is super effortless and affordable. Not every man can grow the hair out and wear chic medium-length hair. However the buzz is absolutely trendy and has so many variations. The buzz is an excellent canvas to show off your creativity. Below you can see some adorable variations of buzz cuts for 2017 that look great almost for all hair types. Buzz is an excellent haircut that will meet your expectations when you want to look good without lots of maintenance.Variations of Buzz Cuts for Men 2017Buzz with Design

It is more than clear that buzz is a short haircut done with clippers but as I have already mentioned modern buzz cuts have many variations like the one you see below. This extra short buzz with some creative patterns speaks about the wearer’s strong character features. The best thing about this buzz is that it is totally unique. There are many other designs to choose from too.Buzz with DesignBuzz with Faded Sides

It is not necessary to go for extreme designs if you don’t want to. An amazing fade on the sides is a fantastic element that can be added to your basic buzz cut. You can even add a V-shaped nape line. The view both from back and front is incredible. This style will never make your buzz boring and dull.Buzz with Faded SidesBuzz for Thinning Hair

There are buzz cuts for all hair types. It is more than clear that with thinning hair a long buzz cut is not a good option while the short buzz would be a great choice. If your buzz seems dull and plain then you may upgrade it with a fade around the ears and add curved lines for outlining your facial hairstyles. If you want to keep your style in shape then go for regular touchups.Buzz for Thinning HairAfro-American Style

Buzz cuts for Afro-American men are also incredible. With their natural thick and kinky hair you can work with variety of buzz cuts. This strong cut frees you from daily styling. A right haircut may really do miracles. This buzz could be the best choice for all Afro-American men out there.  Afro American StyleLong Buzz Cut

While saying a “buzz” most of people think of closely clipped scalp hairdos. But you can choose the longer design of the cut that looks cool too. If you are not ready for radical changes while receiving your first buzz cut then start from this option. However it will look even better with shorter sides. So, find a good barber and go ahead!Long Buzz Cut



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