Women find mustached men more desirable- Here’s Why!

It’s no secret that women love men with magnificent moustaches. Looking back, most of the old black-and-white movie actors have had amazing moustaches. Just look at Burt Reynolds and David Crosby; their attractiveness mainly comes from their moustaches.

Women were crazy about them. Even nowadays, women find men with impressive moustaches more desirable. There are so many different styles of moustaches, so every man can choose a style that’s perfect for him. If you’re wondering why women are crazy about men with moustaches, it will be clear now.

#1: Moustaches Are A Sign Of Maturity

Women want to be with men who are mature and reliable. Why would a woman desire to have a man who acts like a baby? Having a moustache is associated with being older. Facial hair of older men is especially thick. That’s why the thicker the beard, the more mature a man will look. Men with moustaches also look more serious, which adds to the desirability.

#2: Expressing Creativity

Why do men with great style usually also have amazing moustaches? It’s not a coincidence. Men who set aside time for grooming also tend to take their time when getting ready. Since there are so many different moustache styles, men can express their creativity that way. I mean, have you ever seen a man with a handlebar moustachewho didn’t also have amazing clothes? Creativity will always be desireable.

#3: Grooming Is Part Of Self-Care

Men who groom regularly are always gonna be more desirable to women than men who roll out of bed and call it a day. Moustaches take dedication and commitment, which are traits that all women love in men. Having a well-groomed moustache also means that a man takes good care of himself, which women find desireable.

#4: Moustaches Frame The Face

Not all men are blessed with strong jawlines. But, there are other face traits which are desireable to women as well. Face symmetry is something we all look for in a partner, whether we’re aware of it or not. The easiest way to make a man’s face look more symmetric is with a nice moustache. If you have a curly moustache, you can style it in any way that best suits your facial features.

#5: It’s In Our Nature

Thousands of years ago, women were seeking men who appeared to be more fit and athletic. It was about survival. We still find those men attractive, even if our survival doesn’t depend on it. Healthy-looking and thick moustaches are a sign that a man is healthy, athletic, and robust. All of these traits make a man look more masculine, which is what women are crazy about.

What if women are much more simple than we give them credit for? Sometimes all we want is a man with a nice, creative moustache. If you’re a man and your beard grows out well, why not try some different moustache styles? Who knows, maybe one of them speaks to you, and you become the object of women’s desire. Don’t forget, men with impressive moustaches will always lure women.



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